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This journal is dedicated to Steele the sadistic husky from Balto, a classic movie of the ages.


Steele is the antagonist in "Balto". He is a large Black and White husky with an ego to match his body size. Being the glory-hound he always has to have the attention focused on him. He is almost worshipped by the other dogs of Nome who think that he is the greatest creature on four legs, and he thrives on the attention. He always wants things his way and if they don't go his way he gets mad. He loves to torment Balto, the wolfdog, and belittles him because of his heritage. When Steele gets the sled team lost and Balto tries to help, Steele attempts to stop him. He changes the way Balto marked the trail in hopes the team would get lost even if it meant sacraficing the lives of the children of Nome. He follows the real marks home to Nome, and, once there, tells outrageous lies about Balto and the team. How they fell to their death or froze. When Balto does show up at the end the other dogs of Nome relize what Steele really is like and leave him to his own devices.


Well there are quite few Steele fans out there and I've always been fond of the bad guys in movies, I don't know what draws me to him..it's either his charming, rugged looks.. or his charming, rugged looks.
So lets dedicate our time to the infamous Steele. XD


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