the world has turned &left me here.

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hey guys.
so, i'm going to this sleater-kinney concert in a fewdays
although i like them a lot, i'm not like their biggest fan.
so i was wondering if you guys could send me your favorite songs by sleater-kinney


if this is bad, lemme know.

the world has turned &left me here.

For those that are anti-bush.

Please please PLEASE do this.

This Thursday (Jan 20th), we need everybody to scrape by without spending one.single.penny. all day. This is a huge movement around the US to strike a huge blow to corporate America on the day of Bush's inauguration. Do whatever you might the day before to prepare, but please don't spend a dime on January 20th. Imagine if the worst day for the American economy in decades happened on the same day that Bush spends $40 million to throw himself an inauguration party. It could send a huge message and grab headlines around the entire world. Band together to send the strongest message possible, the message of the almighty dollar! If ya need something, buy it in advance. NOT ONE DAMN DIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: D

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