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vote for now for LIABILITY OF MY OWN to play on taste of chaos in adelaide, south australia.

please they deserve this so much.

just click the picture, and then vote for LIABILITY OF MY OWN.

please, this is their life. xxxxx


please get as many people to vote as possible.
post bulletins and everything.
take out the stars in this to use it.

<**a href=""**><**img src="" alt="VOTE FOR LIABILITY OF MY OWN NOW!!"**><**/a>

please, i'll be forever greatful. ♥ ♥

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Hi. Im new but id just like to say that u guys are recommended by alot so im proud to be part of it now ^_^

I know this is alot to ask..but if i put up an image...can u make a layout for me?

Just post a reply and ill post the image..thankees and keepy up the good work guys!

I'm new and have a request...

hey I'm new to the community and was wondering if someone could make me a layout... its really simple, i just want a background pic and my text box off to the side and the color scheme to match... email me if you can do it...

PS> like I said, I'm new so if I'm doing this post wrong I'm sorry <3
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Seifer: rawr &lt;3.

newbie request...

Hey, y'all! I've been searching around for a layout community that seems pretty kickass, and y'all totally fit that description.

I'm glad I found ya!! <3


So, like, y'all seem to be pretty Paris Hilton-Friendly. I was going to request a Paris layout, so... If that's cool with y'all...


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HEY. I have a pretty easy request.  Can you take this pictureCollapse ) make it on the left side (text box on the right) with     as the color of the remaining bg space AND the text box.  And the text be black, size 7 in TIMES NEW ROMAN.  Links also in black, vist links in white, hover link white underlined and reversed in VERANDA size 9.  Cursor; NW-RESIZE  Hover Cursor and all that; SW-RESIZE.

Don't worry about the title, comment links and all that.  I have that already.


New Otep layout?


I have another LJ and would love a new OTEP layout for it :)

The the Mischa Barton one where it's a bit of a collage if that's cool? I would like to have the theme be Orange-Neon Pink.

 The pictures I would like in the Collage (Under the cut)

As for just background

for comments 'Tell me a Secret'  and then for when they reply for it to show '1 Confession'

Thanks! AIM: xX listening Xx

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