we have a fetish for beauty

& we can never get enough

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who is _layoutslut?
_layoutslut is for the layout whores out there, who make layout after layout for some reason or another. we make them because we think they're beautiful, and in hopes that someone will be changed for the better by them.

_layoutslut is also for those layout-virgins who have never seen the beauty of layouts, images, and digital art.

_layoutslut was founded by Hillary & Jessica, two girls who used to own a design site but eventually closed it down.

what is _layoutslut?
we are a community that is open to all except for the thiefs, beggars, and bitches. we are a community to share our templates, our ideas, improve our skills, and help others.

how to join
when you join, your first post must be two paragraphs and two images.
the first paragraph: introduce yourself.
the first picture: show off that sexy face.
the second paragraph: why did you join? do you make layouts or view them? what can you contribute to our community?

the second picture: anything you want, from a layout to a picture of your grandma licking a cow.

1. post the above mentioned post as your first.
2. don't just join for the templates, bitch.
3. if you take a template, link us and the designer.
4. constructive criticism means no bitching if someone gives a helpful comment.
5. want a layout? don't you dare make posts about it. Jessica & Hillary will post if they're taking requests.
6. you can (and WILL) be thrown out after 3 warnings.
7. lj-cuts. enough said.
8. is it a template? tell us. is it your work, for no one else? tell us.

if you just need a template, don't join. instead, you can watch us. don't take other people's work, unless they specifically say that it is a template for you guys.

banner sex
a list of customs
chrissy amanda gaby mary lauda jumpin_java want one?