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First time posting

Hey, my name is Madz...I live in the little town of Sewickley PA, am 15 years old and enjoy taking pictures, being with my friends, going to shows, and attempting to play guitar...I'm going to be a sophmore this year at my school, Sewickley Academy, which is a terrible school and should be burned...I have a boyfriend who goes to the public school, Quaker Valley along with most of the other people i know...I like several bands-Brand New, Alexisonfire, Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Thrice, and a complete list can be found in my userinfo...well sort of complete, i like looking around to find new up comming bands, and promoting for our local bands, like my friends, Almost Cool. I like the colors pink and black cuz they look cool haha, and I have a dog named Mini-Me, we're Austin Powers fans here in Sewickley. I really cant think of much to say...

this is me...not a very good pic...but ehh w/es

I joined this site, because i've been looking for a layout making site...I can sort of do layouts...I mean I did my own-check it out-it's nothign special really and I could learn and help out too...I need to totally revamp my site though and I was looking for help! I can contribute by helping out and posting regularily and advertising!

This is Mini-Me hehe!


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