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i was a queen

my name is liz and i love neon green. i'm in love with guys who wear tight jeans and shaggy hair is a must. i perfer tea over coffee though i am an absolute caffeine junkie. i write poetry on my spare time and i don't mind staying home by myself on weekends and reading a book instead of going out. at the end of may i am getting my nose peirced and i think it will be the most amazing thing. ever. i'm fourteen and i play guitar, write songs, and sing my crooked little heart out whenever i can. i had an old lj that i got rid of one day randomly, so now i'm back for a fresh start. i think holding hands is sexy.

ehhhhh... me. yay?

i joined this community because i am shit at layouts and i like to pretend i know what i'm doing when i really have no clue what the hell is going on. i need help with my own layouts, but i didn't just join to have everyone make me a layout. i want to learn, pick up tips, whatever. i would be proud if i could make my own one day. i search around for pretty layouts and become inspired. ♥ i'm not sure if i can contribute to the community anything snazzy looking, but i'm here and would like to help out in any way i can.

thanks, darling.


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