request for LJ layout

Style you would like to use: Generator

Title: Standing In The Light Of Your Halo, I Got My Angel Now...

Background Image: would really like this for the header

Background Image Placement: Across the top please

background color: black

background scroll: do you want your background fixed - yes

Scrollbar Colors: Whatever looks good. I'm not real picky.


Font size~14

Font color~ black

link color~blue

link effects:glow

entry table color~white

entry alignment: left, middle

entry border type: double.

entry border size: 2

border color: grey

basic colors of wanted for your journal: colors that combine well and compliment the picture

Comment links: Post comment=Leave Love Notes and #comments=word(s) Love Notes

e-mail address:

Anything extra: i'm no expert in this so just whatever looks good with the image and colors of it. thank you :)
john and edwardo.


hey, I was hoping to make a request for a layout.
For the banner, the image I would like to be used, (if possible) would be
(if possible, could the text john and edwardo be added to the banner in script, i would be eternally grateful.)
As for the colours, as the image is very bland in colour, maybe a plain background, with blue text/links?
I like a chic look, more minimalistc than full of crazzy text and colour.
Favourite font : Times New Roman.
everything else, artistic license, because I'm sure you know what you're doing more than I do.


supernatural - gabriel

Layout Help

 I was wondering if someone could put this picture into a layout. I've tried it myself but I can't seem to make the stupid thing work.  I'm giving you artistic license as long as darker colors like grays and the like are used. The rest is up to you. Any and all help is appreciated.

layout request

Hello there xD~

Since I'm too stupid to make my own layout, I am in need of your help .___.
So, if you have spare time and are interested, this is what I'd want to request:

Style you would like to use: Generator<--- most common
(As I said I have no clue. It is for a lj layout, that's all I know x_x)

Title: Admiration is the furthest thing understanding

Background Image: I have two pictures I like very much, they're both from Naruto. You can decide which one you wanna choose, I can't pick X_X
Though, the one with Naruto and Sasuke is more preffered I guess xD~

This one:

or this one:

Background Image Placement: The picture should be on top, like a header?

background color: hm, it should be something fitting to the picture of course, so maybe black in both cases?

background scroll: the picture should just stay at the top xD~

Font~: nothing too fancy, just normal. Arial?

Font size~: normal size?

Font color~: you choose?

link color~: you choose?

link effects: I have no clue, do something that fits, okay? xD

entry table color~: ?

entry alignment: uhm middle?

entry border type: ?

entry border size: 3?

border color:?

basic colors of wanted for your journal: For all the colours used in the layout I'd suggest white, pink or purple


Anything extra: I hope I could give you a good idea ^^;~
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Can someone make me a tennis layout?

Hiya, was wondering if someone could make me a tennis layout using the following pics:

I want basically the same layout as my current one, just with a different header with the title of my blog. Erm yeah I basically know nothing about this so hope u guys will get in touch with me and tell me if there is anything extra you needa know.

Thanks :)

Need A New Layout

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could spiff me up a new layout.

So, you can take a look at my current layout for reference, because I want that same kind of set up (banner at the top etc).

I want the banner to include (prominently) this image:

Feel free to play with cropping, because I don't want it to smack you in the face that it's Marlene. But I do want her lips and tie to be the focus.

And since my current journal is so dark, and this image is as well, I want the rest of the layout to play with some color like burgandy (#990000), purple (#660033),  navy (#000033), and white.

On the banner I'd also like the quote "That`s the only plan I`ve got - to not have a plan" - Baz Luhrmann

Any takers? PRETTY PLEASE!?