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request for LJ layout [10 Feb 2011|02:26pm]

Style you would like to use: Generator

Title: Standing In The Light Of Your Halo, I Got My Angel Now...

Background Image: http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt89/hopelesslover23/grimmjow_poster_finished_by_jiuge.jpg would really like this for the header

Background Image Placement: Across the top please

background color: black

background scroll: do you want your background fixed - yes

Scrollbar Colors: Whatever looks good. I'm not real picky.


Font size~14

Font color~ black

link color~blue

link effects:glow

entry table color~white

entry alignment: left, middle

entry border type: double.

entry border size: 2

border color: grey

basic colors of wanted for your journal: colors that combine well and compliment the picture

Comment links: Post comment=Leave Love Notes and #comments=word(s) Love Notes

e-mail address: mmts26@hotmail.com

Anything extra: i'm no expert in this so just whatever looks good with the image and colors of it. thank you :)

help! [07 Oct 2009|10:03pm]

hey, I was hoping to make a request for a layout.
For the banner, the image I would like to be used, (if possible) would be 
(if possible, could the text john and edwardo be added to the banner in script, i would be eternally grateful.)
As for the colours, as the image is very bland in colour, maybe a plain background, with blue text/links?
I like a chic look, more minimalistc than full of crazzy text and colour.
Favourite font : Times New Roman.
everything else, artistic license, because I'm sure you know what you're doing more than I do.


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Layout Help [07 Oct 2009|03:23pm]

 I was wondering if someone could put this picture into a layout. I've tried it myself but I can't seem to make the stupid thing work.  I'm giving you artistic license as long as darker colors like grays and the like are used. The rest is up to you. Any and all help is appreciated.

I cant seem to figure it out.. [19 Sep 2009|09:47pm]


I've tried to make my own layout....and failed....

I would really appriciate it if you could make me a layout with these pictures?



anything would be fine with the colors black and gray.

Thank you so much!

Please and thank you [14 Aug 2009|11:38pm]

the formCollapse )

layout request [03 Aug 2009|08:48pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Hello there xD~

Since I'm too stupid to make my own layout, I am in need of your help .___.
So, if you have spare time and are interested, this is what I'd want to request:

Style you would like to use: Generator<--- most common
(As I said I have no clue. It is for a lj layout, that's all I know x_x)

Title: Admiration is the furthest thing ...to understanding

Background Image: I have two pictures I like very much, they're both from Naruto. You can decide which one you wanna choose, I can't pick X_X
Though, the one with Naruto and Sasuke is more preffered I guess xD~

This one:

or this one:

Background Image Placement: The picture should be on top, like a header?

background color: hm, it should be something fitting to the picture of course, so maybe black in both cases?

background scroll: the picture should just stay at the top xD~

Font~: nothing too fancy, just normal. Arial?

Font size~: normal size?

Font color~: you choose?

link color~: you choose?

link effects: I have no clue, do something that fits, okay? xD

entry table color~: ?

entry alignment: uhm middle?

entry border type: ?

entry border size: 3?

border color:?

basic colors of wanted for your journal: For all the colours used in the layout I'd suggest white, pink or purple

e-mail: hideto_yuki@gmx.de

Anything extra: I hope I could give you a good idea ^^;~


Can someone make a layout for me? [01 Aug 2009|12:04pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi, I was wondering if someone could make me a layout around this pic:

The pic is a painting by Anne Stokes. I give artistic freedom to whoever makes it for me, I am not picky. Just make it cute.
thanks a bunch!


Help please [29 Jul 2009|04:37pm]


Hi, I'm new here and I'm having a heck of a time finding a layout I like, and I'm lost when it comes to CSS.  I would like the following background.


Solid black boxes for entries with white text?  I'm not really picky about the overall the rest of it.


Can someone make me a tennis layout? [29 Jul 2009|09:22pm]


Hiya, was wondering if someone could make me a tennis layout using the following pics:




I want basically the same layout as my current one, just with a different header with the title of my blog. Erm yeah I basically know nothing about this so hope u guys will get in touch with me and tell me if there is anything extra you needa know.

Thanks :)

Need A New Layout [21 May 2009|04:54pm]

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could spiff me up a new layout.

So, you can take a look at my current layout for reference, because I want that same kind of set up (banner at the top etc).

I want the banner to include (prominently) this image: http://www.babble.com/CS/blogs/strollerderby/2008/09/16-22/MarleneDietrich.jpg

Feel free to play with cropping, because I don't want it to smack you in the face that it's Marlene. But I do want her lips and tie to be the focus.

And since my current journal is so dark, and this image is as well, I want the rest of the layout to play with some color like burgandy (#990000), purple (#660033),  navy (#000033), and white.

On the banner I'd also like the quote "That`s the only plan I`ve got - to not have a plan" - Baz Luhrmann

Any takers? PRETTY PLEASE!?


Help - Layout Code Problems [12 May 2009|04:36pm]

Hey, sorry if this is an inappropriate post but I am really in need of some help.  I've been trying to start a Smallville LJ RP, and the important aspects of design are all done and dusted.  Sadly though, the layout code I found and used seems to have two errors I'd like fixing.  I have tried contacting the layout code creator but she did not respond to me so hopefully someone here will be able to help.

Here is the LJ in question - community.livejournal.com/jlalegacyrpg/

As you can see in the post titled "BAD TAG SPACING EXAMPLE" the tags field is overlapped by the "leave a comment" link, so you can barely see the latter.  It would be better if the "leave comment" link was situated on a higher, seperate line to the tags field.

The second and only remaining problem is that the "friends" page has an error which causes two problems.  For starters, the posts here do not show up with rounded corners at the bottom left, as they should and do in other pages, and furthermore the corner image is displaced by itself at the bottom of the screen.

If anyone thinks they can help at all, please let me know, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

- Jaxon

[04 May 2009|10:43am]


Page Title - This as a header - http://i451.photobucket.com/albums/qq239/Anachlirium/header.jpg
Where would you like the entries? - (center, left, right.)  Centered would be lovely.
Border - (Dashed, dotted, solid or none) Solid.
Border Size & Color - (1 being very thin, and 10 being the thickest.) Four, vivid purple.
Link Colors - Light purple [think lilac]
Cursor- Dark purple.
Background color - Black
Background color for journal entries - Black
Font, font color, and font size -  Papyrus, vivid purple, 12.

But absolutely any variation on that is great, as long as it has black, purple, and that as a header! I'll be happy with any change right now.

Need a layout! [02 May 2009|12:53pm]

Pretty simple I think. However way you like just with:

This image: http://pics.livejournal.com/animast11/pic/0000q2r0

This background: http://lukeroberts.us/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/floral-pattern-wallpaper-black-1600x1200.jpg

Thank you!
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layout request please help [30 Mar 2009|02:58pm]

hello if anyone could make me a lj layout with this:
as the banner and black as the background color it would be much appreciated.

other details:
the layout should be set up similar to this: http://paper-planes09.livejournal.com/

thanks if you can help!

Please Help! [21 Mar 2009|04:01pm]

Hello, I'm a new member to Live Journal and am having the most difficult time trying to get my layout codes to work. I have no knowledge to S2 or CSS and was wondering if there's anyone who can help. I'm starting to get very upset that my page isn't turing out the way I would like it to and don't want to start posting entries on a blank *ugly* page =(

I can send you my layout codes so that you may understand the look i'm trying to create

Please help me guys =) Your kindness is appreciated

hey [11 Jan 2009|07:25pm]

I need a layout, dark colors, but I already have the banner 800x170, but I'm unwilling to post it.
What I'm looking for is, think star trek computer interface. I'm also not looking for something too time consuming, so, if anyone would be willing to help me out, or give me the code for a layout that I can easily manipulate, I'd be very appreciative.

[11 Jan 2009|10:32am]

I want something simple but i cant find it anywhere. I want a SNOW THEME layout and banner. Just as simple as that.

[10 Jan 2009|10:06pm]

I was wondering if you could make me a DBSK layout, preferably with this image and then centered around that with the colours ect.

Thank you


community layout request please [10 Jan 2009|01:38pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi, I run a couple of communities in the Chuck fandom. For the most part, I'm happy with how they look, but I was wondering if someone could make me a layout for my chuck/casey community chasey_laying. I'm okay with basic html, but I can't for the life of me create anything that actually looks aesthetically pleasing, so I need your help.

The header image can be found here and I would prefer to keep the colours similar to what they are already (White background, dark grey writing, red links) with the posts being at least 650px wide. It doesn't need to be fancy, just a bit different from the basic felxible squares layout that's already being used.

Anything would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


help please! [02 Jan 2009|06:37pm]

hey im creating a tumblr and im having a lot of issues with the design
i made a graphic that i want to be on the top of the page (like the graphic is on this one: www.thewilliambeckettblog.com) but i have no idea how to do it

any help would be really appreciated!
thanks so much!! happy new year

&this is the graphic
and this is my pathetic looking page http://adgeb.tumblr.com/


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