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thank you

+ Your AIM and/or E-mail address: AIM: mylittleneedle06 and e-mail:
+ Page Cursor: crosshair
+ Link Cursor: crosshair
+ Color Scheme: #C6F0E3, #0099CC, and black
+ Font Style: arial and make it bold
+ Font Size: 12
+ Font Color: #0099CC
+ Text Alignment: centered
+ Background Image & Details: n/a
+ Background Scrolling: (fixed or not fixed) fixed
+ Background Color (If no picture/If picture doesn't take up the whole
+ Scrollbar Colors: #C6F0E3
+ Entry Box Alignment: center
+ Entry Box Width: (% of screen it stretches across) 50%
+ Entry Box Background Color: #C6F0E3
+ Border Style: solid
+ Border Color: #0099CC
+ Border Thickness: 4
+ Comment Link Text: arial
(Put what you would like your comment links to say...)
+for Post Comment: say that you mean it
+for View Comments: # comments (regular)
+ Comment Link Separator: ♥ NOTE: make large
+ Comment Link Alignment: center
+ Link Colors:
(Put a color for each link state below)
+Unvisited: #0099CC
+Visited: black
+Active: black
+ Link Decorations: (Examples) (Put an effect for each link state below:
strikethrough, blur, flipping, bold, underline, overline, highlight,
borders, glow, letter spacing)
+Unvisited: none
+Visited: strikethrough
+Active: blur
+Hover: highlight +
Any Details/Anything Else: when you are hovering over a link, i want
around the hover color (the #FF6699) a black border. i also want the text
of that link to become larger, like magnified. so the text of the link
would become black, with the color box over it when you were hovering to
be #FF6699 and a black border around the hover box. comprende? i don't
know how to explain. ask if you need to. i'm really sorry that i don't
know what i'm talking about here..
+ Any Questions/Comments: i want all my links (friends,profile,
calendar,etc, to be at the top of the page in the link box with this:
Let's walk home, let's be afraid. I wanna grab you by the arms and kiss
you so hard. Let's do it right under the streetlight. I want it now,
somehow I forgot how..forgot you've got so far to go.
the phrase 'let's walk home'= my recent entries.
'let's be afraid'= calendar.
'kiss you so hard'= friends
'under the streetlight'= profile
'i forgot how'= previous 20 entries.
got it? any questions, e-mail me. i'm sorry if i tried horribly to explain
things. thanks so so much in advance!
also, i trust your skill so if you want to customize something because
you think it would look/work better, go ahead!
+ Code: somewhere over the rainbow
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