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+ Your AIM and/or E-mail address: AIM: fumbletoecstasy email: breeziegurl2007@hotmail.com

+ Page Cursor: crosshair
+ Link Cursor: pointer
+ Color Scheme: black, white, gray
+ Font Style: Verdana
+ Font Size: Um I donno the numbers...8?...I donno just make it smaller than the norm please
+ Font Color: White
+ Text Alignment: center
+ Background Image & Details: http://www.enjoyincubus.com/images/wallpaper/makeyourself800x600.jpg
and please have it fixed
+ Background Scrolling: fixed
+ Background Color (If no picture/If picture doesn't take up the whole screen): -
+ Scrollbar Colors: black and white
+ Entry Box Alignment: left
+ Entry Box Width: 40%
+ Entry Box Background Color: transparent
+ Border Style: dashed
+ Border Color: white
+ Border Thickness: 3
+ Comment Link Text:
(Put what you would like your comment links to say...)
+for Post Comment: Calibur Love-Letter
+for View Comments: Straight From My Heart
+ Comment Link Separator: ♥
+ Comment Link Alignment: center
+ Link Colors:
(Put a color for each link state below)
+Unvisited: white
+Visited: white
+Active: white
+Hover: white
+ Link Decorations: (Examples)
(Put an effect for each link state below: none, strikethrough, blur, flipping, bold, underline, overline, highlight, borders, glow, letter spacing)
+Unvisited: none
+Visited: none
+Active: none
+Hover: blur
+ Any Details/Anything Else:
+ Any Questions/Comments: This means a real lot to me...thanks a bunch guys!
+ Code: I donno what this is?...lol

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