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+ Your AIM and/or E-mail address: LETiTSHiNEx /

+ Page Cursor: crosshair
+ Link Cursor: se-resize
+ Color Scheme: #512A0E, #271A14, #865836
+ Font Style:Handy00 [I can send it if you need it]
+ Font Size:6
+ Font Color:#512A0E
+ Textp Alignment: left
+ Background Image & Details: top left,
+ Background Scrolling: fixed
+ Background Color: #271A14
+ Scrollbar Colors: everything #271A14 except for the outline & the arrow which I would like to be: #512A0E
+ Entry Box Alignment: left, under the pic
+ Entry Box Width: 45%
+ Entry Box Background Color: transparent
+ Border Style: solid
+ Border Color: #512A0E
+ Border Thickness: 4px
+ Comment Link Text:
+for Post Comment- is so beautiful
+for View Comments-%%message count%% think London
+ Comment Link Separator: ♥
+ Comment Link Alignment: right
+ Link Colors:
+Unvisited: #512A0E
+ Link Decorations:
+Visited:blur & italic
+Active: italic
+ Any Details/Anything Else: on entry & exit can you make it have a random dissolve & also have a side bar? Oh & the title should be : L O N D O N
+ Any Questions/Comments: thanks for doing this!
+ Code: Somewhere over the rainbow
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