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LJ LAYOUT JUNKIES!!! [entries|friends|calendar]

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[Fri 1st
Jun '07 | 7:43pm]

Hi, new memeber to this community. This is my first time posting a layout request so please bear with me.

I was wondering if anyone ould make me a layout. I have created a picture (which took me foreer) so I could show you what I want.

It doesn't have to look exactly like this, you can experiment with the colors a little bit. I really want something similar to this.

Here is the link to the background picture I used.

Thank you very much in advance.

Jasmine [[Aww Darling]]
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HELP!!! LOL [Sun 24th
Dec '06 | 1:44pm]

I am trying to add music to my layout

I found the tag to add it, but when I do nothing happens
Can someone please help me?
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Simple and clean S1 override [Sat 3rd
Jun '06 | 11:14am]
I decided to share my current layout as I'm working on a new one right now. Hope you like it :D

(Download it here)
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headers? [Mon 8th
May '06 | 8:11pm]

i have no idea how to do a header
you know how alot of layouts have the picture at the top of the layout right about the entry boxes and info boxes, how do you get it there??
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help? [Mon 27th
Mar '06 | 2:14pm]

I was wondering if anyone could help me design my journal a bit with a picture in the background and format and such. sort of like my other lj harlequindove for reference. but with a different picture and colors. could anyone help me? it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
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Ugh... [Sat 24th
Dec '05 | 11:10am]
[ mood | confused ]

I have been trying to make a LJ layout forever. and I am really blonde when it comes to computers and I really can't figure it out. Would anyone be willing to help me?? Thanks

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[Mon 28th
Nov '05 | 3:17pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Can any one help me?? I am trying desperately to get a layout for my community, but i have no idea how....As you can tell, i'm new to all of this. I need a layout with a side bar so i can put all the affiliates, and info and links and such, please, can anyone help me find out where i can do this at???

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community layout problems [Sat 19th
Nov '05 | 7:43pm]

[ mood | confused ]


I have a layout I really like for my community, and it works for my personal journal but whenever I install the identical code into the override for my community, it doesn't work. the style systems are the same, the override code is the same, the page layout style is the same, the color codes are the same, EVERYTHING IS THE SAME, yet the layout doesn't work for my community and it works for my personal journal. I got the layout from ljlayouts.org, and it didn't say anything about the layout working for individual users but not for communitys, so i'm very confused. will someone please help me? If anyone at all knows what could possibly be wrong, please comment.

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[Sun 9th
Oct '05 | 2:38pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I don't know if asking for opinions on what would make my lj look better, is not cool or ok in this community. But these are the BG's i had for my lj, just wanted to know which one you all might like better.

I've also been trying to get the screen fade outs right so that it will circle in but the codes aren't working for me, If anyone could help? Please


BG'sCollapse )

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Text Box. [Sun 9th
Oct '05 | 2:31pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

This is actually my second lj which i openned some time ago but i really never had any plans for it so i decided to do something with it. I have a whole venom theme going but i can't figure out how to make the text box transparent so it won't hide the background, but then when i thought about it i figure it would make the whole shadow effect i put on the links not visable anymore.

Can anyone help with the transparent thing, and ideas in general.

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Entries [Thu 15th
Sep '05 | 7:14pm]

How do I get my entries to go to the right? Right now, they're in the center but I want to use a background picture so I have to move the entries to the right...

Please help!
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[Fri 2nd
Sep '05 | 1:36am]

The LJ Community rammstein_pimp has been used an example before..Now, I was easily able to use the overrides to create the scrolling entry box. What I'm trying to do, is create the navigational map such as they have in the left. Any one know how to do that?
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Mix and Match Code [Thu 18th
Aug '05 | 10:29pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Need some help with override codeCollapse )

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image mapping help [Sat 13th
Aug '05 | 12:31pm]
So I'm trying to create an image map for a navigation banner for a community I'm making, and unsurprisingly it's not working.

This is what I have right now, it's a mess:

Not all of the sites that would be linked are set up yet so there's just kind of gibberish where they would be.

If anyone could take a look and tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'd really appreciate it.
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:: Hmmm.... :: [Thu 14th
Jul '05 | 11:23am]

Ok.. Here's another odd question...

Take a look at my journal. See that big empty space on the left hand side? I want to put another entry box there like my main entry box, only smaller. That's where I want to put more of my favorite links and such insted of at the top pf my main entry box..

Help me?
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Mods and Maintainers [Tue 12th
Jul '05 | 12:55pm]
I need a few people who can answer questions and maintain the flow of this community.

Comment if interested
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code [Wed 6th
Jul '05 | 6:35pm]

can someone just give me the code to put a global header at the top of ur lj. thanks alot

figured it out!
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[Mon 6th
Jun '05 | 4:40pm]

HI there! new here! ^^ and i really newed help, obviously! I'm not quite a genius when it omes to codes and so on but I want to change my style. The only thin I need right now is that my background image won't move. you get my problem? I want my backgroudn image fixed, so that only the text boxes can be scroleld up and down. BTW: I already checked howto but couldn't find a solution to my problem. can anyone help me here? T__T
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Layout Question [Sat 4th
Jun '05 | 6:04pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]


 I made a layout and bg, etc for my new LJ and when I finished it, and went to view it, it was fine. But when I went to change something about the layout and saved it, I went back to view it and only the tables were showing. The main image, bg, colors, etc. were missing.

What should I do?
View the site here 


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Ok.. [Mon 30th
May '05 | 1:21am]

Ok. Quick question.

How do I create an scrolling entry box within the layout?

Quickest example: rammstein_pimp

See how they have another box that you can scroll down with and such? I can't find a code for that. Can anyone be of assistance?
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Hi. :) [Tue 24th
May '05 | 9:27pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Hi, I just joined. I have a question about my background in my layout...

It looks so grainy!! I saved it as a gif, and it was very grainy, then I saved it as a jpg, but it still looks slightly grainy... Should I save it as something else?

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[Wed 18th
May '05 | 2:13pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hello everyone :)
I'm just new to the community and I'm just wondering if someone can help me out with a layout because i'm basically computer illiterate. In the "Punquin Elegant" (sp) Style, how can I put the menu with like "userinfo, calendar, friends" etc, at the top of all my entries, instead of at the left? Any suggestions, or maybe even a code? It would really help me out. Thanks alot!

Also, I use the old system, if that makes any difference

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[Fri 29th
Apr '05 | 10:54am]

does anyone know the code to make the day appear above the date?
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[Sat 9th
Apr '05 | 4:38pm]

how do you change the navigation links no matter i tried to use the one in the how to but it just wont work for me so please help me
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Banners [Sun 20th
Mar '05 | 8:30pm]

Basically putting a pic ontop of your table.
background-position: x-axis(from left) y-axis(from top)

margin-top: this should be the same as the height of your pic in pixels(px)
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Entry Box Position [Fri 18th
Mar '05 | 9:14pm]

Don't change ANYTHING but the 'table' variables. The width, left, and right margins should not add up to be more than 95% of the page. Adding more to the right margin will make the box go to the left and vice versa. The width obviously controls how wide your entry box is going to be.
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Changing Comment Links [Fri 18th
Mar '05 | 9:13pm]
(make sure you are using generator)

all you have to do is simply change the text where it says "comment" and "Post Comment" to what you want it to say. Then the s inadds an 's' to the word before to make it plural when there is more than 1 comment.
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[Fri 18th
Mar '05 | 4:47pm]

[ mood | confused ]


For some reason when I mouse over my icon on my recent entries page It shifts to the side of my sn... Weird I know.   Is there a specific reason that this is happening or do I just have the code screwed somewhere?  If you wanna see, here's a link.

Also, I want to know if anyone knows how to put a glowing mouseover filter on the icon on the recent page... I tried just altering the a hover for text, but I couldn't make it work...I'm prob just doing the wrong things.

That's all for now... but I'm sure there will be more later.

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attention: [Fri 18th
Mar '05 | 4:16pm]
Sry that I havent been able to really post anything new on this community. I've been busy lately.

If you have a question plz post! I'll do my best to give you answer.

Also, if any of you out there know what they are talking about and can help please feel free to post a solution!

p.s. Is anyone here capable of becoming a mod/maintainer?


btw I did away with the annoying questions to join and such :)
[3] Solutions?

Here's a great site for your color code needs! [Tue 15th
Feb '05 | 1:38pm]

use either the

Color Scheme Generator 2 [EN]

Color Scheme Generator [EN] (old)

gl and have fun bringing colour into your online world :D
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code for a transparent background [Tue 15th
Feb '05 | 1:28pm]

either one works fine but the first one leaves the box at the top of the page solid

change the value of (opacity="##") for how solid (100) or transparent (1) you want the background of the text box to be

same goes for the 2nd one except you must change the -moz-opacity:0.## to correspond with the other opacity ##

these codes go into the GLOBAL_HEAD and be sure to only use one or the other
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The Mission of This Community [Mon 14th
Feb '05 | 8:09pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

I have brought this community into existence for the sole purpose of sharing my knowledge with all of j00 n00bs out there!


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