Jimmeh (born_stubborn) wrote in _latinoclash,

Cultural appropriation...

Mexicano and Salvadoreño culture have become a big part of who I am because of who I love - my family by my marriage - but I won't dare appropriate any part of it, out of a deep and profound respect. A party has been scheduled among some of my partner's family, who I believe are from Zacatecas, and are deeply traditional. I made a big deal about not dressing the part because I feel, as a white man, that it would be an open act of disrespect. The Culture is an important part of me, but it doesn't belong to me. It is not mine to take and leave as I wish. Thereofore, I feel I have no business appropriating any part of it. For me to waltz in there rocking traditional vaquero or ranchero garb, IMHO, would be nothing short of blatant mockery on my part.

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