February 16th, 2009


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que onda, changos!

just found this community, pretty excited about it cos sometimes i get random thoughts in my head that i want to blog about but i don't have too many latino friends on my list. the only people who would get it would be my sister and my friend Marianna.

so here's a story!
yesterday i was shopping for groceries with my husband and we ended up at Pavilions to get things like eggs and whatnot. we were in the asian aisle to get rice wine vinegar (we both cook A LOT!) and you know how in those markets they lump together all the "ethnic foods" so the soy sauce is next to the Tapatio. well, i lost my shit cos i found out that Nestle now makes pinche Abuelita chocolate in syrup/liquid form!!!!! ay dios mio! i was excited and tripping out and my husband is gabacho so he was looking at me like wtf, you crazy beaner! so i had to bring the Abuelita solid chocomil stuff and be like, duuuude, this is all we had when we were growing up! none of this convenience shit! and we had to literally beg our mom to make us this stuff cos it's a bot of a pain in the ass to break off the rock hard chocolate and melt it down without burning, whisk in the milk and not scorch the milk in the process. it was a labour of love, and even then we had to bribe our mother with washing the dishes so she'd go through the effort for us. and and and not just that, they also make it in powdered form like that Swiss Miss hot cocoa shit! can you believe it!

anyway, it's nice to know there will be some people on here who i can relate to and who get it. so expect random thoughts/stories from you.

oh, and my sister and i are also trying to bring back the slang word "chido."