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I feel so house broken its not even funny, well at least I can take care of myself. I want to become the Wilda Beast (please do not ask how that became my nickname) again, being untaimed, wild and not broken. I need to do something I havent done before or havent done in along time. I havent done anything extravageant in a long time 2yrs ago to be exact, but I guess life cant be all fun, games and adventures.

I got a riddle: whats heavy when spelled backwards and weighs less when spelled not.

I will give you the answer to the riddle in my next entry. I had another riddle but I cant remember it. well this weekend I made a rap of two of my friends. I cant remember the last time I did one and usually I just say it at the top of my head and dont write it down. I like freestylen I think thats the best and thats the only one I know how to do. I never tried doing anything else.
Thats it for now aight Peace Out.

Save the Date: GAMELAND in NYC Dec14-Jan27


Please save the date of Thursday Dec.14th 6-8 pm
to come to the opening of my GAMELAND solo show in Chelsea if it's at all possible for ya!

I've been working hard on a big body of work dealing with networks and virtual worlds and this big bizarre cosmic game and would love for you all to come see! Please spread the word.

It will be at Morgan Lehman Gallery
317 10th Ave (between 28th & 29th)
a few pics here:
aww ... you guys made me ink!

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First of all: TO THE MODS:: I'm the owner of _mamacitabonita and I'd like to know if you'd like to be our sister community! Check us out and as a special thanks for considering us we want to give all the mods/owners here a special auto-accept invite to _MB. when you apply, just say you're a mod/owner here. :D muchas gracias! please let me know what you'd like to do either way. if you're for it we'll but up each other's banners and all that :D


disculpame if this isn't allowed!

Since this community is about Latinas I thought some of you (both muchachas y muchachos!) would be interested in my community; we are a rating comm but we aren't all superficial like most are. we focus on spanish language, cultura, stars, music, ect. We have great contests with prizes (usually CDs - the current CD give away is a reggaeton mix one) and even a little store where you can exchange our besiitos "money" for awesome things! There are 5 auto-accepts available for a new school year.. if anything, please just come by and check it out! diganlas que yo los mande! :D


Espero verlos alli! :D

Muchas gracias!!

La Anatomia de Grey ]

Sundtrack Grey's Anatomy      El Show "Grey's Anatomy" me gusta, adoro el trauma y el desman, pero la banda sonora esta de pelos, la música es bunisima y casi todos son cantantes poco conocidos. Es bueno escuchar grupos que son buenisimos a persar de no ser "comerciales".

Aquí pueden escuchar algunos de los mejores temas:
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  Esta es una de la mejores cantantes que he escuchado en mucho tiempo, Regina Spektor tiene una voz preciosa y sus canciones estan re-bien, pero no me crean, nomás escuchenla y vean su video:

     [Disco de la semana: Begin to Hope]

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"Ella" de Bebe es la mejor canción que se ha escrito jamás. La adoro y me causa un trauma enorme el habermela perdido cuando estuvo en el Salón  21.

Ve el Video y escucha las canciones: