The Age of Stupid -- a film about climate change

Hey guys,

I'm doing Latino outreach for this dystopian indie drama-doc on global warming called 'The Age of Stupid' and would love your help spreading the word.
The film premieres in the US 9.21.09 and 9.22.09 in the rest of the world for ONE NIGHT ONLY.
Watch the trailer, tell everyone you can to see it at a theater near you! :)


More about the film:

“The Age of Stupid,” directed by Franny Armstrong (“McLibel” and “Drowned Out”) features Oscar-nominated actor Pete Postlethwaite as an archivist looking back from the devastated year of 2025 asking the question: why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?

Six interweaving stories are juxtaposed together to frame the argument of why climate change can ruin the earth—and how we can stop it. From the troubled mind of a hero in Hurricane Katrina to a Nigerian woman whose life’s choices are decided by oil companies, the movie compels viewers to restructure their own lives and prevent a global meltdown.

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Hey Latina how is everyone doing? Well it has been 2 yrs and 2 days since the last update, the last update was mine. Which is pretty bad, 2 years without an update at all. I am assuming that no one goes on here anymore. Well I am not going to get into my life so much but I just want to mention that I will be going to Barbados for Christmas. When I get back I will post the pics up like what I did for my Costa Rica trip.

I hope everyone is doing well take care...

another day

Well girls how u doing i hope better than me. Last day me and my girl got in a fight again to the point that one of us was going to break up. Shit i was so scared and sad and felt so lonely just thinking of her not being with me. But thank goodness we talk and we are trying now to go in a different direction than what we were doing. 
Fuck man work can relly rip somebody off like no other man. we are usually no like this but because we are working different shift and we rarely see each other i guess everything just pily on you know. well its all good now well at least better than before. the only think that sucks now is that im fucken sick like always, and i hate it. 
well take care girls have good days and be happy no worries. ok 
                                              love susy
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plz comment

Look within your heart
You find the answers you seek
Pain, Suffering, Happiness, and Courage
Is all in one place you seek
As tears I cry run down my face thats not visible to the eye
Sadness and confusion with unanswered questions fill my soul
I try to move on but I just end up where I started.
I get reminded of that tragic day
When my whole life got twisted up side down
And I became incomplete
As I am on a journey to find myself
I am filled with courage, anger, knowledge, well being, suffering and happiness
You will never know me
especially of that tragic day
I cry, I ball like a baby, I scream from the pain within
As it tears my soul apart
But you wouldnt know just by looking at my face
I cry with no tears
I scream with no voice
The anger within builds
day by day, I am a ticking time bomb
waiting to explode on an unexpected victom
No one knows what trully happened to me that day
And what it has created
Every second I am becoming dead to the world
without a friend beside me
To help me go through and deal with me
Your born alone, you die alone, and the life in between that was spent alone
No one can see my true colors, even if they tried
But there is a secret to my life
which is ??? thats the story of my life
The story of my life just wouldnt be a secret if I told now would it

Riddle me this, Riddle me that
I have an answer that no one can answer
exept a sleeping person
why is what it is for what it is
If what it is for why it is what it is
then what it is for what it is why it is

Answer me that
Well I will tell you
It is in the first line
Of the answer of no answer.
So is the anwer for the answer with no answer has an answer?
The question is yes, but whats the question?
If the answer to an answer is a question then where and what is the question for the answer.
As I have said the answer is in the first line
But which one is the first line.

Do what I said and you will get your answer.

Am I simply that complicated.

I will tell you the answer or at least a hint if someone comments.


hey girls how are you? well i hope good. Just wanted to say hi and that hopefully you all are kicking ass at what ever you do. Latinas be strong.

quiedecen and heres something to make youre life a little more happy.

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hola chicas

Hola muchachas como estan. well I hope good I just joined so i wanted to say hi and that hopefully we become good chat friends. Well take care and live la vida loca. 
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