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hey will everyone that's a member here please promote to at least 3 journals each . you don't have to but please do to make it a better community . i really want people to join . i changed the layout . trying to make it look nice [= . i dont know about the picture though . something's missing. anyways, i made it so that the e-mail doesn't have to be sent to me anymore.. you can just click to join then you can already update in here with your application . so come`on & start applying . oh yeah & i don't know if i've mentioned but you don't have to be a dancer or even love dancing to join . it's just the community name . oh & heres the promo banner for those of you that didn't scroll to see it . promote !  promo bannerCollapse )


Wow! I dont know anyone here do i but Jen tehe. I am just kinda tryin this thing out lol Jen I like the pictures u made... wait i think you made them... or was it some1 else HAHA o wells whu ever made them I lyk them hehe ^.^ u have a digi camera or sumthin? Well sry this is kinda short but my dad needs to go on the comp. So0o I will cyall l8er ciao!

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hey guyz .. i made a promo banner .. its not the greatest - but here you go !

<*img scr=""*>

theres the code, just remove the asteriks [ *'s ] & you'll be all set ! hope you enjoy =]

xo ; stephyy !

hEy HeyY!!

okay pplz..heyy!! umm i juz made a community.. join only if yu luv ornage soda!! obviously u dont as much as mee.. but l0l.. yah juz c0mment mee n lemme kn0 u wana j0in i mite ask u a few questions... the community is: orange_soda_luv

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