The Face Eater aka Afro D. Shiaq (sandimyth) wrote in _lass_,
The Face Eater aka Afro D. Shiaq

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The Green Laura, the Salmon Alex.

i r Laura0702: i am satisfide with my JUST yellow smiies
sandimyth: tomorrow the weather is 60 for a high! :D
Caractacusp0tter: smiies! bag i love it!
sandimyth: lol
Caractacusp0tter: well well well, miss i live up norht
sandimyth: norht LOL
sandimyth: horton hears a who
Caractacusp0tter: oh the type-o we make...the laughter it brings
sandimyth: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sandimyth: bag!
i r Laura0702: BAG
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