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KLASS reunite! we should have rings or something

Oh man... good times you guys... good times. The GATE! BAG! some things i'll never forget, like my best friends. You guys ROCK THE BOMB AWESOME! So how is everything going for everyone?
Alex, how's your new jorb? I want to come work there with you. that would be awesome.
Kallie Kal, what you doing now a-days?
Sandi... what ARE you doing? where do you work?
Staci, you having that foot surgery? I'll bring you chocolates.
Well it's 2 months and counting, everyone come... i'm gonna have really good cake at my wedding.
Some lady that's moving to London is buying 3 pieces of mine! for $2,000 total! how crazy is that! we could all be making so much money with our art guys. What about you guys? Is everyone still doing art?
OH Kallie! have you heard about Jonathon Lux's gallery opening at the JU art gallery tomorrow? I'm so gonna be there!
*Love you gals*
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The Green Laura, the Salmon Alex.

i r Laura0702: i am satisfide with my JUST yellow smiies
sandimyth: tomorrow the weather is 60 for a high! :D
Caractacusp0tter: smiies! bag i love it!
sandimyth: lol
Caractacusp0tter: well well well, miss i live up norht
sandimyth: norht LOL
sandimyth: horton hears a who
Caractacusp0tter: oh the type-o we make...the laughter it brings
sandimyth: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sandimyth: bag!
i r Laura0702: BAG
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Doorbell rings.
Bertie: Was that the doorbell, Jeeves?
Jeeves: It certainly gave that impression, sir.

Jeeves: [running toward Bertie] Mister Wooster!
Bertie: Jeeves! You're positively animated!
Jeeves: [takes a breath, straightens his morning coat, and stands up straighter] I am sorry, sir.

Jeeves: [terribly upset] Excuse me, sir... I will be better directly. It was... Mister Little's tie. It has... little horseshoes all over it.
Bertie: Ah, yes, I noticed that.
Jeeves: Yes, sir. It is sometimes difficult to just shrug these things off.

Bertie's intriduction to one of the many genius Jeeves ideas

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