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Age: 13
Sex: Female
10 to 15 Favorite bands: Senses Fail, Atreyu, A Perfect Murder, Thursday, Gob, Dead Kennedys, Rise Against, Nora, Open:Hand, Bleeding Through, Autumn Leaves Fall, Eighteen Visions, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Mae
Bands you don't like: Here's some people I don't like... Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, MxPx, Mest, Simple Plan, .... All those people and bands can go suck a nut.
Favorite things: colored pencils, sketch books, my drumset, my skateboard, manga, anime, Hello Kitty, JHONEN VASQUEZ! **drool**, Jones soda, cotton candy... other stuff
Things you don't like: poop, stupidity, ignorance, animal and child abuse, meow mix, the color pink.... other stuff.
Favorite books: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carrol, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roal Dahl, and the Cirque Du Freak series by Darren Shan
Favorite lyric: So slice open my veins and let the romance bleed away
Bush or Kerry? Why?: Kerry because he tends to think more than Bush and he doesn't think like, " I've made my decision and I'm going to stick by it even though it's a jackass decision."
Abortion - Is it positive or negative and why?: Negative cause that's wasting a life. I could understand if the person was raped or if the condom busted, but c'mon, if you didn't want the kid, you shouldn't have done the nasty.
School uniforms -are they positive or negative and why?:
Negative because that means we can't express ourselves. But in someways it's a positive because sometimes I don't like waking up and deciding what I should wear for the day.


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