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Age: 16
Sex: Female
10 to 15 Favorite bands:
Avenged Sevenfold, Bleeding Through, Shadows Fall, Cradle of Filth, Bright Eyes, Brand New, HIM, Silverchair, The Cure, The Postal Service, and Alkaline Trio

Bands you don't like:
Simple Plan, Jimmy Eat World, Sugar Cult, and Hatebreed (No disrespect to any of these bands, I respect every single band. That doesn't mean I have to like them though.)

Favorite things:
Baby sister, Working, My Boy Friend, Reading, Writing, and playing my guitar

Things you don't like:
The Hott Topic trend, Urban Outfitters, Cocky people, and large groups of People smoking.

Favorite books:
Narnia series, Angels and Demons, The Secrets of Angels and Demons, and Dracula

Favorite lyric:
"When I see you I can see it in your eyes fate misunderstood, Swallowed the lies, can't blame you for thinking with your heart." -Avenged Sevenfold (And all things will End)

Bush or Kerry? Why?:
Karry, Because I've lost a few of my close friends to this war which I don't necessarily agree with. And to begin with I'm a democrat so I'll always lean toward that side.

Abortion - Is it positive or negative and why?:
Depending on the situation, If the girl was raped of course if she wants to have an abortion by all means she should. But if you just want to get rid of the Baby because you don't want one because it'll ruin your life then I don't think so. There is other ways.

School uniforms -are they positive or negative and why?:
Positive, certain kids won't have to deal with being put down because of the way they dress.


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