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new here. application too

Age: 13
Sex: femalie
10 to 15 Favorite bands: bright eyes, kill hannah, RHCP, Beatles, Never Heard of It, PJ Harvey, River City Rebels, Ours, Nine Inch Nails, At The Drive-In, My Chemical Romance, Snow Patrol, Wheat, Fastball, Cursive
Bands you don't like: Rufio, Hoobastank, AC/DC, Los Lonely Boys (no offense to any of the ppl who love those bands)
Favorite things: writing, reading, dancing, talking to friends, livejournals, drawing, lyrics
Things you don't like: homework, cleaning, being broke
Favorite books: Crank, Crooked, You Don't Know Me, Aimee, Monster, Shattering Glass, This Lullaby, Keeping the Moon, That Summer, Someone Like You, Silent To the Bone, Holes, The Misfits, Twisted Summer, Dreamland, Hope Was Here, Scribbler of Dreams
Favorite lyric: "And you speak of a fever that burns inside" - Bright Eyes
Bush or Kerry? Why?: Bush, even though he did send our troops to Iraq, Kerry threw down his medals which tells me I can't trust him. Even if I'm too young to vote. And even if the election is already over.
Abortion - Is it positive or negative and why?: Negative, because your killing a human being, and every human being born is a better change for the world.
School uniforms -are they positive or negative and why?: Negative, kids should be able to express themselves in all ways, and that includes style. Putting someone in a uniform just to match everyone else is telling them they can't be themselves
Pictures (if possible): gr sorry no pics. :-\
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