Slut (___fuckthekids) wrote in _lamers_,

Age: 14
Sex: i have a vagina
10 to 15 Favorite bands: action action, brand new, the shins, catch 22, big d and the kids table, public access (local), interpol, the bronx, the ramones, ben folds, the starting line, the postal service, blondie, bright eyes, horror pops, dropkick murphys.
Bands you don't like:
korn, disturbed, the used, muse.
Favorite things:
rain, comedy central, book stores, down town albany, English people, lawn gnomes,  ketchup
Things you don't like:
when ppl type lyke dis,  MTV, scary movie, stupid people.
Favorite books: pure sunshine, go ask alice, cut, tuck everlasting, hard love, lilly's crossing.
Favorite lyric: "Love is just a hoax so forget everything you have heard. And live for the moment now"-the spill canvas
Bush or Kerry? Why?: nader. both are douche bags.
Abortion - Is it positive or negative and why?: undecided. I don't condone irresponsibilty, but i really think its both the mother and father's choice.
School uniforms -are they positive or negative and why?: neg at ive. clothing is an expression of personality and you shouldn't be able to take that away from kids...i know, lame answer... Its hard to think from the lack of sleep.


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