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how do you make the pain go away?

a gaping hole shot through my heart

i'm not okay.
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Welcome to Lament Decoy!

Who are we? We are the quiet one, the depressed one, the one with disorder, the people who get fucked up just to forget. There is no descirimation here. If you like to do drugs, or if casual sex is your drug come and post. We are the disfunctional ones, or maybe we are the ones that act normal but when alone we do some crazy shit.

What can you post? stories, discuss things like your drugs of choice, poetry, need to vent.photography.advertise. I ask if your going to advertise please put flyers behind a cut and pictures also thanx ***ABSOLUTELY NO BASHING OF ANY KIND!!

Still confused? this is meant as a coffee house of lj, where you can come and everyone knows your name! wait isnt that a bar? okay pour me a shot! ask people questions. Basically find people who are as screwed as you , make the best of being fuked!

want to join introduce yourself don't be shy, you dont have to tell us exactly what is wrong with you ,heck, maybe you dont know. make a post withing 3 days of joining or you'll be banned. The reason for this is because we dont want any lurkers, privacy is key, get fuked or get out!