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hey. so i heard from someone that lamb of god is doing some kind of meet and greet at leone's (??) music store in windsor before they hit ozzfest in michigan. my source has not confirmed or denied this claim... but i'm crossing my fingers for this... and also... does anyone know if they'll be doing any signings in toronto before they kick my ass at the koolhaus???? i've got some pics from the unholy alliance last summer that i would love to get signed. plus it'll make my LIFE to meet them, and to top off my heavy metal weekend coming up -- lamb of god in toronto on saturday, then road trip to michigan for ozzfest on sunday!!! whoooo i am so freakin' excited!!
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As most of you know, Lamb of God is awesome,
Which is why they've sold out at the Toronto show on August 25th.
If anyone has 2 or 3 tickets that they would like to sell
Comment with your price or even message me or email me
Haaay you guysss
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It's a really stupid question, but hey.

Yeah, so.. like I said..

This is a really stupid question but I like knowing things like this:

How tall are they LoG guys?

My friend told me that he met Willie Adler and that when he did he was like.. maybe 5'7-5'8.

...I'm bored. And random useless knowledge makes me happy. :/
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Hey everybody,

I was just wondering...Does anybody have any background information on Randy? I really want to know his birthdate but I can't find it anywhere. Can anybody help me out here?
come clarity

Russian LoG fan

What's up everybody!
Does anybody has an information regarding Lamb of god's tour around Europe this summer, and maybe even to Russia? Since we have sufficient fans basis for their acceptance.
As for Moscow I can consider, that we are more than ready for kickassshow!
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