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A Community for Lake Riviera Middle School Kidzz!!
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Lake Riv Community!


1. You have to either be in Lake Riviera or have been in Lake Riviera.

2. Keep it to a PG-13 rating, please ;).

3. No fighting or arguing.... =] If you don't like someone, just don't talk to them!

4. Tell all your LRMS friends on Livejournal about this community by posting this pic in their journal:

5. Tell us about your classes and shizznit about your day @ school!

6. Have fun and keep active in this community!! =D

P.S.--- Fill this out!

.*. BASiCS .*.

.x. Name--

.x. Grade--

.x. Homeroom--

.x. Birthday--

.x. Heritage--

.x. Describe your looks--

.*. FAV0RiTES .*.

.x. Favorite Teacher--

.x. Favorite Magazine--

.x. Favorite Food--

.x. Favorite Kind of music--

.x. Favorite Song--

.x. Favorite Singer--

.x. Favorite Band

.x. Favorite Movie--

.x. Favorite Place--

.x. Favorite Animal--

.x. Favorite Subject--

.x. Favorite Thing(s) to do--

.x. Favorite Article of clothing--

.x. Favorite Brand of Clothing--

.x. Favorite Sneaker Brand--

.x. Favorite Store--

.x. Favorite Show--

.*. OPiNi0NS .*.

.x. List 5 Celebrities you can't stand and why--

.x. List the top 5 hottest celebrities[girls and guys]--

.x. List your favorite 5 Celebrities and why--

.x. What grosses you out?--

.x. What do you look for in the opposite sex?--

.x. Do you like to dance?--

.x. Are you athletic? If so, what sports do you do/like?--

.x. Do you like school?Explain!--

.x. What do you think of this community?--

.x. What season do you like the best?--

.x. Do you love going to the beach?--

.x. Do you take the beach bus?--

.x. What do you think was the worst hairstyle ever?--

.x. Tell us a joke.--

.*. PiCS .*.

.*. Post 3 pics of anything [you, something funny, something scary, something amazing, a

place, clothes, whatever!!] :::

Moderator: Anaïs-7th grade H/R 141