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Guys! This community isn't for arguements! I understand everyone here is different but, please, just stop the insults. It's getting so irritating. Don't join if you're just here to nitpick on everything people write or critique everyone's interests. It's getting old! =)


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holler. it's stacey ;] just joined this,, i'm cool? hah, yeahh..anyway i dono if i was supposed to fill out that survey thing or not, but...i'm stacey, i'm in 8th grade. my teachers are robin, kuster, prince and sole. ugh, i hatee them. i want to go back to last year soo bad. if you have mr heitmann or mrs guys are so extremely lucky. ohh crotch, wish i could go back. i miss the 9th graders too. 8th blows anal hole.

~ hey, how's anout spicin` this thing up a bit? seems dead, yo.
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well i got on the bus obviously and i sit with Michelle Powellson.
I got into to room 206 and Deals came in and raquelle :] then bill came in and poked my cheeks
then i saw Lindsey and Devlynn and Nicole Nardiello Brianna Fay
then people that are now in my class i have no clue they'r nameslol yah i was pretty lost today i have Sanko DeCresae Gentile and Diou yeah i have wood shop or special again :] and kate's in it because she got switched to one of my classes also in woodshop michelle powellson Bill Obviously Kate Nicole Szabo Anna Kelly W. and other people i cant remeebr oh yeah Dan Hayden at lunch we ust all ate i met SAM! shes so amazing i talked to Gilligan Shannon Kate Anna i also met Maria Aj 's in my class and Mike C and another wole shitload of people i forgot they're names well hope everyone else's day went well

Later loves.<3 Britt
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hello <3

hello i am new to thys community my name is Dana.. starting september 7th i will be in 8th grade @ LRMS .. my homeroom is the the cafeteria "aka thr cafe" if ne one is in there let meh know see yah loves xo' dana
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JESUS WALKS x__x by me!


Welcome to _lakeriv! As you know, this is a community for people who go to Lake Riviera! To join, go to the userinfo page and at the top you'll see something that says:

Below is information about the "A Community for Lake Riviera Middle School Kidzz!!" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

And if you read that, you'll know how! ;D Make sure you read my rules! ;)

If you join, make sure you make the entries "friends only"...we don't want weirdos reading this....!

So hopefully this'll be a fun community!!! People, please, we need some excitement here! =D

Once I have a good amount of people here, we're going to have a "theme of the month" sort of thing. There'll be a Pic of the month, Song of the month, and Celeb of the month. And we'd love to hear about school! I don't want to be the only one blabbing about my day, so post you're own [once school starts :P]! And when you first post, put your name, homeroom, and grade.

So if you think this sounds cool, JOIN!!!!!! =D

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