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It's one of the wealthiest, most beautiful beachside communities in the world and MTV has unlimited access to the tight-knit power clique of eight rich, beautiful teenagers that live there. Their lives intertwine in ways you won't believe, until you drop in for a visit. Laguna Beach is paradise--a little slice of heaven on earth--why would anyone want to leave? The answer will come as you watch the best friends share experiences through parties, relationships, love and small town injustice. This is where the angst and the tumultuous affairs are the stuff of prime time drama, except this is all REAL. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Welcome to paradise, otherwise known as Laguna Beach, California.
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Everything Laguna Beach is what we are gonna talk about. the First season: cast, episodes, the fashion, the lingo... and Second Season: the mtv preview, what we think will happen.
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