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I'm sure a lot of you are already aware that they are making a movie of Rent (I WORSHIP Rent, and I get the feeling that alot of you probably love it too). In fact, they just finished the shooting of the Rent movie. It comes out on November 11th and there's an online blog and a trailer and everything out online. You can check it all out at

Sorry if this is a waste of a post. I'm sure a lot of you know this already, but Ithought I'd post it just in case:D.
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Hi!! my name is Ang and im 18. Im from Toowoomba in Australia. My life is musical theatre!! Ive been involved in Musicals since i was small!! At the moment im at university and im learning to be a stage manager and do tech stuff. im also co-directing a childrens production of Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat. umm... I was also Jan, a pink lady, in our pro-am production of Grease this year. Umm... im hoping to go to NY to do music theatre one day and i also want to be a director!! I dont want much!! HA!! Anyway!! Feel free to friend me!! Just go to my lj and check me out!! Id love to have some more overseas friends, esp. ones who love music theatre as much as you guys do!! Thanks!!
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    excited new friends!!

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Hey I'm new here and I absolutly LOVE!!! Musicals and acting in general. I'm from arizona soo not musch acting done here but i do what i can. i'm an actor and i'm a techie in training (i'm in the process of learning to run lights)I absolutly Love Hairspray and i just saw it recently in NYC. so I had to join because of the wallpaper and the icon. As a matter of fact i'm listening to Hairspray right now. I also love Beauty and the Beast, being in it might have contributed to that factor but it's such a cool play. Yeah I'm excited to be apart of the comunity.
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hey im kelly

i love musical but i havent seen any but i am going to but i have listened to tons on obc
add me if you want and im me silverbellz295
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I love musicals. I'm an actor, costume designer, stage manager, director, and audience member. I love it all and know hundreds and hundreds of songd from soooooo many musicals. My musical soundtrack collecton is extensive and contains rare adn popular musicals. Much love to all you vocalists and actors!


Hey all,

I loved Les Miserables when I saw it and so I encorporated it into my a Level music exam. This is tomorrow. BIG problem. I'm performing "I dreamed a Dream"

It's GONE...I'm panicking and my parents are so angry and I have no clue what to do because no-one has it, not even my teacher. Would ANYONE who has the musical score be willing to scan it and send me that song start to end? You would be saving my life, I need this to get into university!! Hahaha seriously I don't even know why I'm laughing it's not even funy. PLEASE let me know, PLEASE. Thank you so so much.