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My name is Katie. i'm 13. I started dancing about three years ago. I live in Charleston, West Virginia. I take ballet, pointe, and broadway jazz and last summer i went to NCSA on a scholarship for 5 weeks. Before i started dancing i participated in local theater, but i don't really have much spare time now so limit myself to dance. I really love musical theater but i have a horrible voice. Some of my favorites are Rent, Wicked, hairspray, les miserables, thourghly modern millie(sp), cats, phantom, beauty and the Beast, avenue q, and spamalot. I joined this community mainly because a lot of the other dance and muscial theater communities are kind of bizarre (and i love musical theater). I'll try to upload a photo when i get a chance.
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Hey everyone! My name is Christina and I love all things theatre. My favorite plays are Peter Pan,Sound of Music, The Westside Story,Death of a salesman,Anything goes, Crimes of the heart, Les Mis, Cats, Sunday in the Park with George, Into the Woods, Annie, and Little Shop of horrors. Also I am a huge fan all of all things Phantom! So please feel free to talk to me!

Hello. HI!

Hello, my name, is Ian. As far as theatre goes, I suppose Im involved in the acting. I'd say I'm a "cabaret/vaudeville reviavlist." with a horribly terrifying twist. You see, we here at Glowing Magnets (my band) and The Empty Bucket (sorry excuse for a) Theatre Troupe, have a lust, a lust for BLOOD! AHHH!! (no, not real blood, but, let's all admit that extreme over the top violence, against puppets, with vaudeville and cabaret style theatre acts tied in are totally great, along with some fine music from Glowing Magnets.) Anyways, that's me, this is my plea:

For anyone in, or near chicago:


Us here at Glowing Magnets Inc. (particularly Mr. Ian C. Magnets, and pending member Ian Middle Initial Tully) Are very seriously interested in not only bringing the live performances (which, oh golly, will be happening soon) into a very fun, performance art/cabaret act, along with the music. We'd also like to start up an actual theater team, just a small group of people who, in layman's terms "act".

So, if you can act, dance, sing, play any instrument not listed here: ::drums, bass *because we have these already, we do have guitar already, but at least 2 more are welcome, yes you can bring other types of percussion to the table, we just already have a standard kit drummer:: Have a love for performing, can juggle, know magic, ventriloquism, any other types of puppetry, can build (good with woods/metals) like to make live, abrasive visual art (large abstract paintings, projections, whatever you can think of) or anything else you think would be really cool, and are willing to, I guess, just be weird, WE WANT YOU! You can reply to this message, you an call Ian, if you know his number, you can e-mail glowing magnets (at: glowingmagnets@hotmail.com) you can IM Ian on .. RadioDestroyer.
If you can build, sing, dance, invent, puppeteer, juggle, act, improvise really well, eat fire, juggle, seduce, slay, lay, jump, yell, shout, yelp, eat, seat, beat, have feet, like grease paint, like getting dressed up really insanely, can do magic tricks, like cabaret and vaudeville theatre, know what cabaret and vaudeville theatre are, play a neat instrument, break and eat glass, can conjure satan, know John Travolta, We want you. Contact Glowing Magnets, eventually, when it all comes together, contact The Empty Bucket!!
(you do not have to be able to do all of these things, a range from one, to all, is acceptable.)

We aren't social commentary; we're violent, grotesque cabaret.

One thing I should mention, I'm serious, if we can get people, we *will* book performances, we *will* do street performances, this is serious, so if you aren’t up for really getting into it, don’t bother. This isn’t necessarily the type of thing with huge rehearsals, so it's not dramatically time consuming, mainly because the people who are already involved are very *very* busy to begin with. We are, however, looking for actual talent and will have people audition for us.

That is all.

Piece and Ammunition,
--Professor Ian C. Magnets.---
Ian’s AIM - RadioDestroyer
Ian - captaindumbhead@hotmail.com
Glowing Magnets - glowing magnets@hotmail.com

thank you, and good knife fight.
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does anyone know any christmas showtunes or funny christmas songs that I could sing either alone or with a friend. I'm a soprano, age 16, and I have a pretty big range my friend is an alto with a limited range but we can harmonize together if that works for the song. thanks.

wonderful town

hi, i guess i should say a little about myself. i was in a lot of shows in high school, and had some leads. then i went on to be a voice performance major in college, but ended up switching my major because i didn't want to travel around for performances for the rest of my life. now i'm 22 and i really miss singing... haven't auditioned for a show in about five years, so i'm a little nervous to do this, but i really want to try my hand at community theater.

has anyone been in or seen "wonderful town"? i'm auditioning for it in a couple of weeks. i saw it a few years ago, but don't remember much. i know the part of eileen is soprano (and i have a very high range), but i can't remember the extent of the dancing that character had to do... i'm a terrible dancer, but at least i could practice a bit ahead of time.

please tell me anything you know, because i really want to be prepared. thank you so much!

(i'm posting this to a number of places because i need all the info i can get!)


i saw Hair....as a movie. and i have to say thats the wierdest musical i have ever saw. i dont really like it but i did like the ending. had a lil tear.

i'm not sure wat the musical was portraying. was it for or against vietnam? or was it just showing the american society during the hippie movement. or was it a moral lesson for the main character? does anyone know or have insight?

                             ..................i'm confused.

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