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i just want to say merry christmas to everyone!! and if you've ever wanted to word at disney(the Disney cruise line is also looking!), acting and dancing on the stage they are having auditions in january. i will tell you more about the dates and such when i find them out. If you live in Citrus County auditions for All My Sons are scheduled for 7 pm on Mon. and Tues., Jan. 10 and 11, 2005. The cast calls for six (6) males and four (4) females. Contact the director at 352-628-9987 for additional information. If you love reality shows and want to be on one comment on this and i will send you information from the FOX network. if you want to know what kind of things to audition for in your city/county comment on this and i will find out for you :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
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