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Actors Wanted


For the new period seafaring/smuggling musical The Ballad Of Resurrection Bob based upon real life characters and local records, in Devon, England.


Rehearsals take place at Brixham Royal British Legion Club, Bakers Hill, Brixham, Devon TQ5, in the big meeting room. Most rehearsals are in the evenings (arrive 7.15 for 7.30 start) although some (not all) Sunday singing rehearsals are at 2pm. The successful applicants will be reliable team-workers, with an interest in being involved in a brand new show of excellent quality. Previous experience isn’t required – some of our best cast are new to performing! In August we are liaising with John Fabian, one of the producers from the Onedin Line, for another local historical project that he is directing. The entire cast of Resurrection Bob are invited to be involved in this. The roles are unpaid, but all cast will get a video of the show, CD, programme, and character photos.


The music involved consists entirely of folk songs and sea shanties.


To arrange an audition, please call Laura on 07855 090589



We are still casting for the following characters


Jim Shears

Jim is the second in command of Bob’s smuggling gang, and also works as a fisherman on a trawler.. He can be played by any age between 20 and 60, as historical records are vague about his age.. He is cunning, and intelligent, always with a smile.. This role involves group singing and a duet. He should speak with a country accent. This role involves both acts of the show and music, so rehearsals are twice a week for the acting, plus one singing rehearsal a week.


Commodore Charles Davies

Davies is from Plymouth, and his appearance is that of the quintessential Victorian gentleman. It is only by chance that he falls in love with a local girl who has been arrested in connection with the smuggling.  Davies appears in Act 1 and 2, and does sing a small solo. Rehearsals for this character are twice a week. Singing rehearsals are required for the solo, but will not be every week and could be combined with an acting rehearsal most of the time. An accent is not required for this role. Davies should be aged 30 or upwards.




The Ballad Of Resurrection Bob is a new stage musical written and directed by Brixham based playwright/actress Laura Jury. It tells the true story of a notorious local smuggler who lived in the town, and humourously brings to life his exploits, on stage during the summer of 2007, but while much of the show is upbeat, there is a serious side to the tale: many fishermen lost their livelihoods, if not their lives, in the Great Gale of 1866 that destroyed much of Brixham's fishing fleet. The musical also features this event through the eyes of local seamen and thier families. The music is a mixture of folk songs and sea shanties, played by talented local folk musicians. Audiences will sometimes laugh, sometimes cry, and this is intended to be a stunning new show that will put more of Brixham's rich history squarely on the map. The show will take place at Brixham Theatre, Brixham, Devon as one of the opening events of Brixham Heritage Week, in May 2007,  with various shows continuing at Devon based venues through the summer until October 2007.



 The South Devon Players are a unique community theatre company and have been established since the autumn of 2005, by four local performers. Now, in 2007 our membership ranges in age from 6, through to 65. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience, our only provisos being that people are reliable and keen to make a good show. We pride ourselves on being welcoming, friendly and approachable, and on our charity fundraising. We have chosen to mainly specialise in new, historical material, based upon local records, bringing to life local history and local characters to re-discover the origins of our rich and varied history here in Devon. These scripts are written from old historical records, and have met with appreciative audiences.


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