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The Ballad Of Resurrection Bob - Brixham Royal British Legion Club, Bakers Hill, Off St Marys Square, Brixham, Devon, England

Sunday Feb 18th, 2pm. 

This is a period stage musical based on local records of fishermen, smugglers and rogues,  being performed at arts and heritage events around Devon between May and November. You should be based in South Devon to become involved, open auditions are taking place at Brixham Royal British Legion Club, Bakers Hill, Off St Marys Square, Brixham on Sunday Febuary 18th, at 2pm, some roles involve solo singing, some involve simply group singing, and we are auditioning actors and actresses aged 17 - 70. There are smaller supporting roles as well that are not named here. Salaries may be available dependant on arts council applications currently in progress, but all actors will defintly recieve a video and CD of the show as well as cast photographs.
The main roles are

Main Smugglers

*Bob Elliot - owner of trawler and leader of smuggling gang - solo singing role.
*Maria Elliott -his wife, housewife, aid to his smuggling.  - solo singing role.
*Aaron Trier - one of Bob’s crew
*James [Jim] Shears - one of Bobs crew
*Bob Dugdale
Martha Lakeman
Vivian Pogwell
Robert Green
Coastguards and part time fishermen
Jack Southern
Issac Trotter
*John Pring – other fishing boat owner
Elizabeth Pring - wife
*Thomas Lakeman – owner of brewery where Threshers now stands. Lived at 1 New Road
Ruth Mervin   - barmaid and female smuggler - solo singing role.
*Nicholas and Ann Gillard - local gentry.
In order to apply to become involved, please attend the audition on Febuary 18th, as detailed above. We are a small local theatre group, you can find out about us by visiting If you wish to be considered for a solo singing role, please prepare a song, of any genre, that you will be asked to sing at the audition. We will have facility to play backing tapes or CDs.
No timewasters please!
enquiries to

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