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UK casting

A near -forgotten historical scandal that occured in 1699 is being brought to life

by a new Devon based drama group, the South Devon Players, in aid of the Poppy Appeal, at Brixham British Legion club, for two public peformances in September 2006. (Sept 9th at 8pm, and Sept 10th at 7pm) These shows are unpaid as they are for charity.  There will also hopefully be other shows in the South Devon area, hopefully as a profit share. (Tbc)

The Tale Of Reverend John Prince is a play based upon this local scandal, and being at once humorous, daring and entertaining, involving the portrayal of a motley collection of local characters of the time, and is based upon the surviving witness testimonies.

We are having to re-cast these roles, due to timewasters, and will only accept applications from the Devon area. Rehearsals are weekly, in the town of Brixham. Acting experience is not required, we look more for enthusiasm, and reliability! Auditions are friendly and informal.

 - Mr or Mrs Southcote, this part can be adapted to a man or woman. It is a small but vital role, as the relative of a 'scandalous' local wench! Must be aged 40+

 - This is a role as an understudy, since the actor cast in the role is ill and we do not know if he will be well enough to do the shows. This is a central character to the courtroom scene, and large role, as the church investigator. Needs to be able to act very severe.

- William Payne, a local man, married to the local town gossip. Quite a lot to do, especially in the court scene!

- To be aged over 25, this is a role that can be male or female. It is a largeish part, of a very religious and strict local person, who is utterly horrified at what they see taking place in thier usually peaceful town.


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