_master_of_evil (_master_of_evil) wrote in _la_dee_da__,

My name is Katie. i'm 13. I started dancing about three years ago. I live in Charleston, West Virginia. I take ballet, pointe, and broadway jazz and last summer i went to NCSA on a scholarship for 5 weeks. Before i started dancing i participated in local theater, but i don't really have much spare time now so limit myself to dance. I really love musical theater but i have a horrible voice. Some of my favorites are Rent, Wicked, hairspray, les miserables, thourghly modern millie(sp), cats, phantom, beauty and the Beast, avenue q, and spamalot. I joined this community mainly because a lot of the other dance and muscial theater communities are kind of bizarre (and i love musical theater). I'll try to upload a photo when i get a chance.
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