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Did a photo shoot today with some members of my theatre group - promo photos for our King Arthur stage show (on in January) Some photoshop work needed yet, but just wanted to share "raw" pictures
All costumes are still in the process of being made, and the final range of weaonry doesnt arrive until tomorrow. . 
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auditions in the UK

The Court Of King Arthur
A dramatic interactive theatre show, set in the Great Hall of Camelot, to be performed around local venues December/ January, with the South Devon Players.
Male and female roles available, ages 16 – 100!
Auditions to be held at
The Globe Hotel, Fore Street, Brixham, 7pm sharp
Wednesday Aug 21st,
Wednesday Aug 29th.
If you would like to be involved and are unable to make either of these dates, please email us to arrange an alterative audition.
Character list and breakdown available upon email request.
No previous theatre experience required, however all applicants should be friendly, reliable, trustworthy, and prepared to attend rehearsals up to twice a week (depending on role in show). 

EMAIL for more details: bardic_dreams@yahoo.co.uk or southdevonplayers@hotmail.co.uk
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The Tale Of Reverend John Prince

We (The South Devon Players) performed this comedy which we wrote from historical records, last night where most of the events of the story historically happened... (Berry Pomeroy Church, Devon, England)

about the story.. Collapse )
One day in April, 1699, he was in Totnes, and was seen in the company of a local woman, Mary Southcote, in a local tavern, identified only as “Angels Tavern” but believed to be close to the Royal Seven Stars which existed at that time. One witness looking in at the window, called his friends, and word soon spread that John Prince was inside, in indecent contact with Mary. A large collection of witnesses were outside, watching the antics within, until one witness, horrified at the scene, shouted and burst into the tavern, detailed in The Curious Sexual Adventure of Reverend John Prince, by Todd Grey which is a published transcript of the original court records.
In those days this affair was an appalling event, and a church investigation began. Initially, John Prince was removed from the church, but regained his position upon a technicality – that while he had almost certainly been “over friendly” with Mary, no actual sexual intercourse could be proven, as the witnesses were deemed to be unreliable – in spite of a report of semen having been found on the floor of the inn! It is believed by some that there may have been more to the story than this. John Prince was well connected, (according to a plaque in Totnes), and it is believed that some factions wanted him removed from the Church for political reasons. As it was, he was re-instated following an appeal. </div>

(c) The South Devon Players, 2006.

Los Angeles Shakespeare Co. OPEN AUDITIONS

Hey guys...

So the Los Angeles Shakespeare Company has been on a hiatus due to its construction of its own personal outdoor ampitheatre.

The stage is up and soon to be running, and will soon present its first production "Much Ado About Nothing."

This is an amazing opportunity, as today is an OPEN CALL (Sunday, January 22nd). For anyone and everyone. Show up between 10am and 4pm and you can audition, no appointment necessary.

http://www.shakespeare-usa.com for more info (click for Much Ado info on the left.)

1909 Topanga Canyon.

Ridiculously amazing opportunity, non-equity = okay.

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Hey All...Im Joanna. I have been involved in theater for as long as I can remember. I love to act and sing, and I like doing behind the scenes work too. Some plays that i have been in are: Fiddler on the Roof, My Son is Crazy But Promising, Pirates of Penzance, The Crucible, West Side Story, Footloose, and Guys and Dolls. My favorite musicals are Phantom of the Opera and Wicked. I am always listening to one musical soundtrack or the other, lol. Theater is kinda of an escape for me, I love being able to get on stage and portray someone that is completely different from me. I also love getting lost in the stories of the characters that I am watching on stage. My latest musical obsession has been Rent. Unfortunately I have never see the play, but I just fell in love with the music and characters when I saw the movie :-)