Jacob (spidy__senses) wrote in _la____tragedie,

[14- soon to be 15]
[deland fl.]
[Single... ]

[kittie, bright eyes, brand new, from autumn to ashes, jimmy eat world, coheed and cambria, NIN, azure ray,
taking back sunday, HIM, the faint, senses fail, Milli Vanilli,]
[5+ books] the notebook, clockwork orange, requiem for a dream, memnoch the devil - the vampire chronicles, the company
you keep.

[objects - bouncy balls, friends, livejournal, water, chicken nuggets, dogs, music, books. ]
[ food - chicken nuggets lolol.]
[drink - grape faygo.]

Give us 5 interests for the community::

This or That?
[black or white, or sephia. Sephia.]
[Photography or Painting. photography.]
[Salt or Ketchup. ketchup.]
[Rain or Snow. snow. ]
[Livejournal or Myspace. livejournal.]
Okay, those get boring after a while.

[Straight Edge - awesome... :-D]
[Hardcore for people trying to look cool..]
[Indie indie rock is great.]
["Scene" fuck that, im who i am and i dont give a fuck what others think.]
[Politics In General - dont even get me started... lol, i hate politics, its a load of crap.. urggghhh]

(Nothing about Bush, because I'm sick of those opinions.
And I'm giving you guys a better chance at getting accepted. yeah, love us.)

So why are you applying? because this community looks awesome :-D
Give us an interesting question to put on the application. - hrmm... uh lets see you could ask favorite movies,
or you could ask for this or that, ask straight edge, or druggie or something of the sort.
Suck up to the MODS. i love you! Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Pictures. 2-6.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
sorry my pictures suck so bad..
Promote us in 3 places. show links.

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