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About the community
This community is currently CLOSED.

This is a rating community on looks..so thats what we will rate you on.

The oh so l0vely rules
(theres alot, bare with us!)

[1] Rate on appearance only. If you vote no for someone just because they are too young, then you will recieve a warning. After three warnings you will be banned and added to the wall of shame.
[2] You must post all applications under an lj-cut and the subject must say and to make sure your reading the rules put "am i l0vely?" on the subject line
[3] You MUST apply within 24 hours of joining this community. I would prefer you apply right when you join, but you don't have to.
[4] If your vote is no for someone, be as nice as you can about it. We don't want to hurt people's feelings. If you say "You're so ugly and you have a huge nose! You must have fallen off the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down!" (or something like that)then you will be banned. How would you like it if someone said that to you?
[5] You are not allowed to vote for any new members unless you have been stamped accepted.
[6] If you have been rejected, do not take it so bad. Different people have different opinions, and maybe your not their type. You are allowed to apply again, but you must have new pictures.
[7] After atleast 10 people have voted yes or no for you, one of the mods will tally up the votes and if you have more yes's than no's, you will get accepted.
[8] NO NUDE PICS!..please.
[9] If you can't take any negative opinions then don't apply at all.
[10] You are not allowed to delete your application if your not getting responses that you like. You asked to be rated, so people took the time to. You can't just delete and act like you never applied.
[11] This community is supposed to be fun so don't make it horrible for anyone else.


[1] You are allowed to only vote once for each new member.
[2] You must vote atleast 3 times a week if there are that many people applying. If you don't you will be removed from this community.
[3] Just because you are accepted does not mean we can't ban you from this community for any inapropriate behavior.
[4] You must get your vote in within a day of a member applying, or we will accept the person without your opinion.
[5] You are allowed to suggest weekly themes that all accepted members can do. For example, one weeks theme could be the beach and members would have to take pictures of beach things. All accepted members should do these themes, but i'm not forcing them to.

[1] You are allowed to re-apply 2 days later or more with new pictures.
[2] Be nice! If you disagree with one of the stamped members on their vote don't swear and flip out at them. You asked to get your picture rated so they are entitled to their opinion.

promotion RULES:
NO PROMOTING IS ALLOWED IN THIS COMMUNITY! if you want to become affiliates with us, then contact one of the mods.


[1] Name:
[2] Gender:
[3] Age:
[4] Location:
[5] Promote us in three places (show PROOF!):
[6] Show as three clear pictures of yourself. (also a 150x150 if you get accepted):



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