can your looks kill?

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this is a community for girls and guys who think that their looks kill..either because youre awesomely hot..or youve got that stare. Personality has to be killer too! :) <3

.x. RULES .X.
1. respect the member's opinions.
2. new members must fill out an application under a lj cut and have it say "bang bang" in the subject.
3. you must have atleast two pictures.
4. if you vote someone a yes or a no please post why.
5. plZ d0 noT TypE Lik3 Diz..its annoying
6. Once you have been accepted DO not forget to VOTE.
7. Recruit 1 Person.
8. DON't PROMOTE other Communties in here!
9. If you don't get accepted, dont worry. You can try out again in ONE WEEK with different pics. (you are limited to try out only 3 times.)
10. You cannot vote or post until your accepted..unless it is on your own application!

.x. basics .x.

.x. favorites .x.
*band or singer*

.x. opinions .x.
*why do you think your looks or personality are killer*
*what is your best quality*
*best feature*

.x. random .x.
*tell three random things about yourself*
*who is your role model*
*what is something you cant live without*

.x. PICTURES .x.

The two very hot..very wanted asians
yes yours truley
Des and Min

acting, adam brody, anklets, ashlee simpson, ashton kutcher, asians, avril lavigne, backpacks, bamboo sticks, basement jaxx, being a ditz, being crafty, being me, belly button piercings, belts, black eyed peas, blink 182, blue, blue hair, bowling for soup, boxcar racer, braclets, candy, carly simon, cars, chinese food, christopher pike, clare naylor, clay aiken, clowning around, confidence, cooking, cuddling, dancing, designing my clothes, diamonds, drawing, drinking, dying my hair, earrings, elmo, emailing, fefe dobson, filipino food, flashing cars, flip flops, flirting, floor hockey, forget-me-nots, francine pascal, guys, hair stuff, high heels, house music, ice cream, instant messaging, italian food, jackets, joan jett, joss stone, justin timberlake, katy rose, kissing, kiwis, laughing, make-up, maria mena, maroon 5, mexican food, mike and ikes, movies, music, mxpx, my bestest friend, my cellie phone, necklaces, orlando bloom, paul walker, peaches, pears, performing, pink hair, pretty in pink, punk, purses, reading, rings, rock, roses, science, sharing stupid stories, shoes, shopping, silver, simple plan, sixteen candles, skittles, spiderman, strawberries, sugar, sunshine, swimming, t.v., talking on the phone, tanning, tattoos, telling jokes, the beach, the breakfast club, the color pink, the donnas, toby lightman, toe rings, tongue rings, true friends, tulips, unique people, usher, v.c. andrews, volleyball, watermelons, working out, wristbands, writing in my journal, writing on clothing, writing poems, writing songs, yellowcard