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_l_i_t_'s Journal

Literary Discussion
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This Community is Non-specific and open to all Ideas and genres. If you have an averse opinion to one of the Genres/authors disscussed in one thread DO NOT post in that thread about how much you hate that author/genre. That is not what literature should be about, therefore, that is not what this community will be about either.

All kinds of Literature are a go for discussion. Poetry, Plays, novels, Vignettes- No discrimination here. You may use this community to get recs, discuss your favorite novels, compare and contrast authors (please note that this does not include author bashing)

In certain threads you may also discuss writing technique, form and inspiration...challenges may even be periodically posted. All I ask is that you please make all writing-oriented posts seperate from discussion posts.

Other than these simple rules, have fun and happy chatting...:D