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An article I wrote some time ago

Small Intro: I not sure how my fellow literati feel about speculative-fiction (sci-fi/fantasy to the layman), but there are a few choice examples in the genre. The book I discuss in this article, Dune, sits right at the top of the heap. Not much else sits up there. Of course 1984 and Brave New World are classic examples (and I intend to write about both of them soon, as they are some of my favourite books). I would have to throw Bradbury, Asimov, and Clark in there for good measure, though I would be at pains to pick out specific works. I'm interested to hear what people think. Especially those who are familiar with this book. I take political stance to the fiction, which isn't all that uncommon in Frank Herbert's work, and there's a whole branch of my philosophy concurrent to the same theme which I only ever scratch the surface of. Hope you enjoy.

I have to link to this article because it grossly exceeds the lj limit of 4300 characters. Apparently its length is 50002 characters. A bit longer than I would have guessed. This links to my website, which I just put back up today so it should work fine. I just hope none of you are averse to my color scheme :P

Machines and the Mind of Man: A discussion of Dune by Frank Herbert
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