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My name (duh) is Laura... I don't know if this has been mentioned before as I haven't read all the posts, but did anyone know that Laura is a Latin word symbolizing vicory? That's because the laurel leaf is the symbol for victory, and Laura is from laurel. That makes me happy, my name means victory :-)


I'm new and have been blessed with the name laura. :)

I've had alot of people tell me that they know alot of redheads named Laura. (I'm a red head) Are there any other redheads here and do you find this to be true? hmm..that'd be interesting.


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I'm Belle.

But sometimes I wish I was a Laura :)

it's such a pretty name.

I know a twin named Laura, her twin sister is liz, but I prefer Laura.

I think that the name Lauren isn't as good a just Laura.

And that's about it ^^


I was just thinking about how I was name after my dad, Larry. Laura's the female version of larry. He was Larry Robert Wells, I'm Laura Robin Wells. So i was curious, is anyone named after anyone, or are you an original?
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I think I'm in love with whoever started this community! I, too, am Laura. Have been for fourteen years. Being a Laura is great when awesome people share your name (like you guys and Laura Chant) and not so great when people call you Laurie (only my brother gets away with that).

I wholeheartedly agree with whoever said before that all Laura's are a bit mad. It does make us cooler. It's inherent in our Laura-ness. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm... unique. Not here, though, but I'm okay with that.

Well, just stopped in to say hello to all the Laura's! Rock on, fellow named ones!

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Hi all! Guess what my name is? Go on; have a go! Lol! I'm 15 (16 is coming this year!) and from Down Under. Okay, I dislike that term. I'm from Australia! I'm slightly crazy but that just adds to my crazy Laura-ness!

Byes fellow Lauras, Laura-wannabes (it's understandable), Laura-haters (hey, it could be worse!) etc