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DR. STRANGELOVE or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

DR. STRANGELOVE or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb is one of that controverted movies I love. 
Aleksander Mc Kendrick, the classical director from the british Ealing studios times when he shot  british humour classics as "the ladykillers", said once that "Dr. Strangelove" is , in fact, as a sort of the  greatest  Ealing Studios masterpiece, without to be shoted into them.
It isn´t the first time that the director Stanley Kubrick showed his personal, sarcastical and cruel humour but it is commented  that it was the first an only time when he shoted a whole comedy under that tone, even there are a lot to argue about that.The fans of that movie know well that at the end of it, Stanley shoted a long pies battle, as an straight hommage to the silent Keystone comedies. It seems that the whole scene is very funny but he , after to see how it worked with the rest of the movie, decided to cut it and it was dropped at the litter.
When Jan Harlan, brother in law and co-producer of the last Stanley movies, were in Barcelona, doing a conference at the filmoteca, he comented that Stanley was a great lover of the silent comedians and he ever had deeply studied how the slapstick movies were made.
He ever was amazed with  the precision about how some gags were created, played and shoted. He revealed too that Stanley had a silent slapstick in his mind as one of their never shoted projects. Really, as silent comedy lover,  I was sad when Jan Harland- a very kind person with the audience and who hadn´t any problem spending a bit of time with some unknown potatoes as we were :)- for that lost oportunity. 
Meanwhile, here you can enjoy at some famous photos of the mythical non-existent scene.

Peter Sellers playing the president of United States role and enjoying the sweet pie smash.

George C. Scott in the middle of the pies rush. That actor makes a wonderful pratfall in one of the best moments of that movie. One of the more beautiful pratfalls I never saw in a talkie movie :D

George C. Scott in a rest. Buster Keaton said once time that he never wanted to shot a pies battle because the squashed pies looked dirty and unelegant on screen... really he had reason, look at that horror! :D

Dr. Strangelove and the general Turgidson thinking in a best pie strategie.

I hope all you enjoy at all that.

Have a good day :)


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