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NO DELETE! [Apr. 27th, 2012|03:51 am]
kranky records
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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2009|09:46 am]
kranky records

for windy & carl updates and tour details visit us on facebook
facebook - windy & carl

also you can go directly to windy & carl's myspace page here
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(no subject) [Nov. 22nd, 2008|10:58 am]
kranky records
  I know are annoying, but check out my new album 111308-03-02. For fans of Sunn0))), Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Merzbow, etc
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(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2008|09:51 am]
kranky records


today is the release for the new windy & carl album 'songs for the broken hearted'! this is truly a beautiful album - a must!! the gracious windy & carl asked me for help with the artwork. dreams do come true. always a huge thank you and hugs to them.
you can order their cd and/or 2xLP through them at stormy records.

windy & carl

((please support independent record shops))
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LIGHT UNDER WATER "Reflective landscapes of nowhere" [Aug. 18th, 2008|12:47 pm]
kranky records

NEW R.A.I.G. Accessory Takes RELEASE!
LIGHT UNDER WATER "Reflective landscapes of nowhere"
Styles: Instrumental / Ambient / Electro-Acoustic

LIGHT UNDER WATER is a Moscow-based collaborative project by guitarists Dima T. Pilot and A.B. (both are the core members of BOSCH'S WITH YOU) and keyboardist Nick Zavriev (of AMBIDEXTROUS). Since 2006, the trio (or sometimes LUW appears as a guitar-duo) has been exploring areas of melodic electro-acoustic ambient, emotive organic drone, sonic minimalism, and eschatological psychodelia. By building and layering substantial resonant abstractions, LUW’s delusive imagery transcends the reality in a truly beautiful and unpredictable way.

93.53 КБ
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(no subject) [Aug. 11th, 2008|01:35 pm]
kranky records

NEW R.A.I.G. Accessory Takes release.

WON JAMES WON "Dante. Moscow".
Styles: Instrumental / Ambient / Electro-Acoustic / Minimalism

Composed by Daniel Smirnov and Tikhon S. Kubov as WON JAMES WON. Recorded and mixed by Dan at James Studio, S-Petersburg, May 2007. This mini-album was originally released as a soundtrack to the “Dante. Moscow” DVD-movie by Arbor Studio. That DVD-edition has never been available for purchase, just as a special gift-set at Photo-Biennale in Moscow. Courtesy to Arbor Company it is available now as a free audio-album.

“Dante. Moscow” embodies the reverse of WON JAMES WON’s chilling and chaotic creative experimentalism: mellow, melancholic, minimalist electro acoustic ambient music. The beautiful pastoral landscaping which might set you thinking about diverse aspects of WJW and ZveZdaz activity.
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R.A.I.G. Accessory Takes [Aug. 6th, 2008|04:43 pm]
kranky records


Download for free! New internet label.
You can read about it here.

First two releases: it ЕР's of Russian avant-garde project WOGULOW TAROUTZ VERMO. Enjoy!
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Free Party Friday November 2nd [Oct. 31st, 2007|06:17 pm]
kranky records

Hey, i'm playing at a free party this Friday, I (Tobias) will be rockin' the 'puter and 'troniks. I'm closest to Christian Fennesz or Tim Hecker musically except less melodic, ignore the flyer description but I might throw some dub stuff into the performance. The other people playing the show are all noise dudes, so if you guys are into that come check out the show. I will probably go on first, so come early!

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(no subject) [Jan. 1st, 2007|10:39 am]
kranky records


h e l l o,

my friends windy & carl have released their newest album a k i m a t s u r i : a celebration of the autumn season. i am so happy that they asked me to be part of this special project that was released for the brainwaves festival which celebrated 10 years of brainwashed. if you don't know windy & carl's music i highly recommend you to have a listen. creating musical soundscapes are their forte.

there are 10 different album covers each one adorned with a photograph of mine.
the layout was beautifully designed and printed by michael babcock jr at interrobang.
my friend brad stafford from the longest day wrote a very nice preface about my photography. the longest day can be heard on their web site & here.

to purchase a cd please visit stormy records online or call.
* please support independent record stores *
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BRAINWAVES: 10 YEARS OF BRAINWASHED [Sep. 27th, 2006|12:50 pm]
kranky records
Brainwashed.com celebrates 10 years with 'Brainwaves,' a three day music festival in Boston. On November 17/18/19, friends and family of Brainwashed will be performing at the Regent Theatre. The current lineup includes Non, Thighpaulsandra, Christoph Heemann, Andreas Martin, Volcano the Bear, DJ Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter (of Nurse With Wound), Irr.App.(Ext.), Jessica Bailiff, Windy & Carl, V/Vm and the Caretaker, Goodiepal, Troum, Aranos, Edward Ka-Spel and the Silverman, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Landing, Howard Stelzer, Charles Atlas, Cock ESP, Nadja (Aidan Baker), Greg Davis, z'ev, and The Dresden Dolls.

There is still planning for some major surprise guests as well as music video and film screenings in the planning. Additionally, RRRecords in Lowell will be presenting a Rare Records fare. Only 500 tickets will be available. Brainwaves is being gratiously sponsored by RRRecords, Free Internet Press, Crouton Music, Kranky, Jnana Records, ArchEnemy, and WZBC.

Brainwaves tickets are on sale now in the commerce section, at The Regent Theatre, and at Twisted Village (in person by cash ONLY). For those who have purchased tickets through Brainwashed, they will be available at the Regent Theatre box office on the opening day of the fest.

More details behind the cutCollapse )
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