Running around New York. (futurebird) wrote in _koyaanisqatsi,
Running around New York.

People in the world of advertising have been in a mild state of panic over DVR (Digital Video Recorders) that allow viewers to fast forward through commercials. New research, however points to the fact that a fair amount of the time people using DVR don't even bother to fast forward. I have always thought that a channel called "the commercial channel" (and it would show nothing but commercials) would do very well in the US... Though isn't that most of television already? If such a channel were added would most american even notice its existence? How many would watch it waiting for the program to come back on? But then who ever thought so many people would pay for cable channels with commercials in them.

When DVR first came out I imagined it might lead to advertising based entirely on product placement-- and that struck me as quite sinister But, it seems, advertisers have learned to make commercials entertaining as the show itself-- the line between what is a commercial and what is entertainment grows ever blurry. This is most depressing when you consider the function of story telling in human cultures is to spread ideas and create a bond between people-- who are you bonding with when you watch television? Quite often it's someone who doesn't care about you or your culture and would happily tell you whatever is necessary to make you empty your pockets.

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