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StInKiNg RoZz-ShOp

wattup son?

This shyt is oof the hooko
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
yo son this community is off the chains. this shyt is for anyone that wants to voice their opinion, post artwork, poem, etc. u know the deal. try not to make this shyt emo, if you know what i mean. Oh and it also is a rating community, i wana make this shit exciting. so here is goes mofos'.


<--Copy and Paste the application.

You can view the Application here:

The Basics:
¤Sexual Preference:

Ignorant or not?
¤United Nations (has their work proven efficancy?):
¤Who's Che Guevara? Role model or not?:
¤Peace or War? Explain
¤ Do you know what the Abstract Expressionism Movement consisted of?:

Tell me some things about you:

¤ Music preferences:
¤ Hobbies:
¤ Prove to me you have talent (poem, picture, sketch, etc):
¤ Movies (you can say a clockwork orange):
¤ Tell me something about your background:
¤ Why should I accept you?:

¤Promote this community in 1 livejournal AND 1 community

¤Lastly at least 3 clear pictures of yourself