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StInKiNg RoZz-ShOp [entries|friends|calendar]
This shyt is oof the hooko




im julia. i dont really no how to type, i just know that im rly bad at it. i dont rly know how to use myspace, its too complicated. i like meeting new ppl, im social to some extent. i wont like u if your rly ditzy nd pretend to b some1 else in front of me. i like hugging ppl, it makes me happy. i like smoking weed. i like bois that smoke weed. i have my moments, i can either be flippin out, or i can be rly mellow. idk. im weird i guess. i can be a very rude, nd like scream at u, but itss all good. i hate being ignored. i hate ppl that judge ppl based on their music preferences. that ticks me off. i love my babies, nd i love u. im from argentina, nd i speak spanish puto. i like music, nothing in particular, except for the horrorpops. i also hate it when ppl ask me about music i never heard before and then im like waaaaatt? wats that? and then i feel stupid. im rly tired and its snowing, its more like a blizzard. im bored, nd im eatin a mango, i love mangos btw. It always comes down to one person <3


a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, argentina, art, as i lay dying, bacon, beanie babies, bears, blunts, bob marley, bras, bruno, buenos aires, calenders, candy, carolin, cat power, che guevara, chicago, chinese food, choking victim, city of god, clipse, clubbing, coconuts, converse, coyote ugly, crazy/beautiful, culo, dali, dogs, doncella, eggs, emo, emo kids, eye drops, eyes, hamsters, hello kitty, hookahs, hot dogs, iming my peps, jay- z, john mayer, kandinsky, kill bill, killswitch engage, lady killers, lamb, leftover crack, mangos, marbolized penis, milk, milking the cows, morgan storm, motorcycle diaries, moulin rouge, my chemical romance, my papi chulo, nas, no doubt, pads, patricia, photography, picasso, pink floyd, preparing my breakfast, princess diaries, prozac nations, pulp fiction, radiohead, red hot chilli peppers, smashin pumpkins, sublime, sui generis, taking back sunday, the beatles, the clash, the cure, the strokes, the used, tool, trainspotting, vicking, weed, white castle, witchcraft, as i lay dying, and more shit i dont remember, gravy train!!!, le tigre, the gossip, horrorpops, stereo lab, joy divivion, bikini kill, the moldy peaces, xie xie. um yea. JULIA IS MY BEST FRIEND

Why you should add me

Because im the greatest eprson u'll ever meet. And i love YOU. and i dont know wat to write. dont make fun of my spelling.


Pipe down baby, why so fake loud? You've lied now ten thousand times...it's show business anyhow.You make me sick, sick, sick, sick.

I gave you all and then some more But that was not enough I gave and lost and lost and gaveNo matter how great the cost
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November 11th, 2006]

I would totally drink Moloko Milk to get ready for a bit of the ultra-violence

February 7th, 2005]

we only have 4 members. thats wassup, let's keep it up. this community is the shit. love u all. bye

February 7th, 2005]

The Basics:
¤Name: Sean, The sexyness
¤Age: 17 in 6 days Biatch
¤Sex: Sexiest Guy u'll ever meet, naturally
¤Location: Your Pants
¤Sexual Preference: Girls seem to tickle my fancy

Ignorant or not?
¤United Nations (has their work proven efficancy?): UN is like a parent that spoils you, aka they do shit for no one, except try to make everyone happy
¤Who's Che Guevara? Role model or not?: Got Me
¤Peace or War? Explain Peace, war is fought to instill an idea on people, instilling an idea, comes from the basic form of government, government is corrupt, kills people within itself, ultimately destroying itself, so war is bad "we can't make peace without war," is total fucking bullshit thats just a political way of saying, "these people don't want to listen to what i have to say, so I will make sure that they like what I say by forcing it down their fucking throats"
¤ Do you know what the Abstract Expressionism Movement consisted of?: Painters? I'm not too quick on the uptake with that

Tell me some things about you:

¤ Music preferences: Punk, sca-core, emo, metal
¤ Hobbies: PLaying guitar, fucking occasionally, and umm masterbating?
¤ Prove to me you have talent (poem, picture, sketch, etc):
¤ Movies (you can say a clockwork orange): SLC Punk Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Gangs of New York,
¤ Tell me something about your background: im pure mick, 3rd genereation
¤ Why should I accept you?: Cuz i am a good fuck, sexy, talented, and i make my posts interesting

¤Promote this community in 1 livejournal AND 1 community ill try to do it

¤Lastly at least 3 clear pictures of yourself U know what i look like
1 %@$#!

new community [Wednesday,
October 13th, 2004]

[ mood | chyper ]

yo wats good? um im julia, u plbly know me if yur gona join this community, if u dont know me then still join the fuckin community bc its oof the chains. um sike. but what i mean to say is that this a way to express yurself by posting poem, stories, artowork, etc, and u can also pos yur emo life on this bc i am here to help and otehr ,e,bers are aslo here to help. um yea so that about it son. ill be postin new shyt 2morow. peace nikkas

11 %@$#!

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