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_knowyoulive's Journal

Self Injury Community
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All Members
Self Injury & Suicide Support Group

know you live, because we do.


1. This is NOT a personal journal. Please don't post things that aren't relevant here. This is for self injury only.
2. You can talk about anything on Self Injury. Just please be polite.
3. I understand some of you might show pictures. Please keep it on the low and make it nothing triggering. Keep pictures behind an lj-cut.
Also if you're posting a picture add a warning SAYING that its a picture so we know.
4. Always Be polite here. We respect everyone so you should too.
5. DO NOT insult or thrash any members of the community. ANY negativity towards others will cause the user to be banned.
6. DO NOT waste your time insulting this community or what it stands for. Any entry that is offensive will be deleted & the user will be banned.
7. You can give out your screen name if you want to talk to people for comfort. But please don't give out your phone number, address, or anything like that. This is for the safety of the members.
8. Please do not advertise any communities. Also, do not state what other places that entries have been x-posted.
9. When posting or commenting use an icon that is not a visual trigger to any members. (ie: pictures of cutting, blood, skeletal human bodies, "thinspiration", drugs and anything to that nature.)
Ignoring this rule is grounds for your post to be deleted without warning, your post and any comments will be pm'ed or emailed to you if your settings enable it.
10. All Surveys and Quizzes of any sort are banned from this community. Any that are posted will be deleted without warning.
11. If your entry is 300+ words, please put it under an LJ-cut.
12. Use your head. If you think your entry may trigger another person, put it behind a lj-cut with a warning as to what it contains.

Owner & Moderator: kaceyjane
Moderator & Original Creator: kylmod


Depression: n. 1. The act of depressing, or the state of being depressed. 2. Low spirits or vitality. 3. A low or depressed surface. 4. A severe decline in business, accompanied by increasing unemployment, falling prices, etc. 5. Psychiatry Deep dejection characterized by withdrawal, lack of response to stimulation, etc.


How do I join?: Go to the 'user info' page and look at the top off the page. There you will see: "Community Information. Below is information about the "Self Injury Community" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time." You click the link to join the community.

I joined but how do I post?: To post you go to your regular journal update page. Near the bottom right before the 'Update Journal' button, it says: "You're looking at the simple page. For more options, click here." Click the 'click here' button and it brings up more info. To post in a community you click 'Journal to post in:' and it will name your journal and any other communities you are in. Click the community you want to post in. OR for a sure fire way of posting to only this community look at this picture and follow :]

How do I LJ cut?: To LJ cut you take this code .

A user is harassing me in the community, what do I do?: Tell kaceyjane or kylmod about the user.
One of us will talk to them and if they cooperate then it will be settled. If not, they will be banned.


Do you want to link back to us?: Here are links to the livejournal site, the website and the greatest journal site.

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For GreatestJournal

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