amberita (amberita) wrote in _knowyoulive,

Hi! I hope everyone is doing well.

I was wondering if anyone else has heard that Lindsay Lohan is being "accused" (for lack of a better word) of being a cutter.

Here is a link:

Personally, I hope the media does not make a big spectacle of this.  I do not want (in my opinion) annoying newscasters such as Nancy Grace or Bill O'Reilly spewing off about a topic they did research on for about two hours and suddenly claim to know it all.  Also, I sympathize with her if it is true that she is cutting.  At least I had the choice to bring to light my SI; I decided to talk about it when I was ready.  She has people calling her out on it when really, its none of their business.

Anyone have opinions on this matter?
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