Hogwarts is LOVE

So KnockturnAlley has sadly keeled over and died, but if any of you are still interested in role-playing, here's your chance! :)

The year is 1975. The war wages. The Death Eaters attack. The Order of the Phoenix defends. The Ministry distresses. And the marauders wonder if Snape has discovered showers yet. The year is 1975. But the time is now.

On a small corner of the Great Hall window sill is etched HOGWARTS IS LOVE. Like some nonexistent person once said, your time at Hogwarts is what you make of it.


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Hogwarts is Love is a new kind of marauder era RPG. We'd like to think of it as different from the other 10^8 marauder RPGs. It is shiny and new and we are looking for EVERYONE. Yes, that means you. Hogwarts cannot possibly be populated with 5 canon characters so OCs are the life of this community. JoinJoinJoin. /subliminal message

The Call of Duty - Open to all Death Eaters

My foot taps against the floor as I stare at the ceiling, sprawled on my couch, with the radio turned on to static and the occasional word or phrase of song. Indeed, the night was still young. Sitting up with a frustrated glare (directed at myself, of course, and my lack of ability to sleep), I stalk to my kitchen, bare feet patting against the floor.

Of course, there would be nothing in my fridge. Grocery day was tomorrow.

Slamming the refrigerator door shut, I stand still in my dark kitchen for a few moments, hands stuffed forcefully into my trouser pockets.

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Roleplay - Locked to Corinna and Severus

Apparating back into my room at Corinna's, I immediately say loudly, "FUCK! I just can't win with those people!" Glaring down at the offending articles of clothing, I then mutter to myself, "Well, at least I didn't scar them all for life by leaving my FUCKING pajama shirt off, bloody hell..."

I start over towards the bathroom door, pulling the pajama shirt back off over my head and dropping it on the floor before opening the door, hearing a distinct 'pop'. Looking up, I see Corinna appear in the middle of the bathroom and a small smile finds its way onto my face before I say, "Hey, Rin... were you going to finish your shower? And aren't those my robes?" I can't help but be a little amused at that, even despite my still being a little miffed at certain things.

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"It's been quiet, much too quiet," I murmur to myself with a glance out my apartment window, half expecting to see some sign of disruption or chaos. I learned long ago to be constantly wary of the Death Eaters' next move, but I have neither seen nor heard any trace of You-Know-Who or his followers since the World Cup and I have a terrible feeling that no news, in this case, is not good news. I wish the Order would meet... that we could do something. I just know something very bad is coming. "It's been a long day... you're just tired." I assure myself. I spent the day in auror training, which is becoming increasingly intensive as our final tests approach. Still, I can't shake the feeling that something is going on right now... that the Dark Lord is planning something right under our noses and that the Order should be doing something to stop it. I retrieve my quill from the desk.

Dear Professor Dumbledore- I begin to scrawl on the nearest parchment, but immediately stop myself. What would I say? Nothing has happened yet; there is nothing for the Order to discuss... oh but how I could use an Order meeting right now. I hate feeling like nothing is getting done.

I cross the living room and sink into my armchair, staring deeply into the fireplace, willing a comforting face to appear in it, but who would come calling at such a late hour, unless it was an emergency? Still, I feel that I can't leave my post at the fireplace, although my eyelids are becoming increasingly heavier. I just know that something is going to happen.. I know that someone is going to bring word... I... can't... sleep... yet... But my resistence is futile and I drift off. No one will come tonight, anyway. Or will they?
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I’m sitting in my tiny apartment alone. I’m terribly bored and hope that someone comes calling soon. It feels like I haven’t seen James or Sirius for weeks. I can’t blame them, they are much busier than I am. I’m not exactly in the best mood; I’m bordering on depression. But how could anyone blame me? My friends all have jobs and lives, and I’m sitting here alone drinking firewhiskey.
I’m not always like this, normally I’m quite happy actually. I’m just lucky to be alive. I guess more than anything I’ve been feeling lonely. I turn to look at the door, hoping someone will knock; they don’t. I sigh audibly before running a hand through my slightly dirty hair.
“Remus you are letting yourself go.” I say aloud looking around the apartment, there are clothes scattered everywhere and dishes piling in the sink. I haven’t even done magic today I thought to myself.
“You better fix this place up before you are too drunk to use your wand” I was talking to myself again, I’m going mental.
I grab my wand off the table and wave it at my clothes, which pile neatly in the corner. I then mutter the incantation to wash the dishes; I watch them for a minute as the scrub themselves. My eyes cast another longing gaze towards the door…
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Pacing back and forth in the living room of a muggle(who had the unfortunate idea of building a cabin in a remote location of a forest luck would have it...nobody but the birds would be able to hear bloodcurdling screams) I grow impatient.

Looking up at the clock I feel myself growing tense. "It has been nearly an hour", I mutter to myself. Then, looking from the clock to the curled up body on the floor I add, "and all the entertainment has died out". I hear a small pop and look over to the far corner of the room.

"Ahh, the first to arrive. I'm glad to see that somebody cares for their master. I'm glad that one of my loyal followers wasn't too busy to join me this evening."

"Now... what have you to report to your master my dear?"

Response to a Summons

I give the owl its money and unroll the scroll with tense hands. It is as I suspected - the Dark Lord wishes us to report. Who am I to keep him waiting? Walking through my rooms (and tossing the letter onto the mantle of my fireplace), I snatch my black cloak from the hook by my door and sweep it over my shoulders while shutting the door firmly behind me. Travelling down the stairs at a speed that, as a child, got me yelled at, I grab the bannister at the bottom and spin around on it, walking through the entryway determinedly. My mother calls my name from the parlour and I sigh, giving her the decency of turning around and poking my head through the doorway. "Yes?"

"Where are you going?" she asks curiously, looking at the clock. "It's late."

I sigh. "Business calls, mother." Her mouth rounds into an 'o' of understanding and she looks back to the book she was reading. Rolling my eyes (twenty years old and my mother feels she has to watch over me every instant, but I can't complain, my parents let me have the house practically to myself), I move quickly out of the front door and to a small spot on our grounds that you can Apparate from. Simply thinking My lord... my lord... I vanish with a small 'pop'.
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I apparate at once to the town known as Furge. It looks deserted as the Auror office was that night. I take my wand out and walk briskly down the road. I turn at Key Street and see the Dark Mark in the sky. Not caring about the sound as my feet hit the road, I run for the house. I open the gate with a flick of my wand and approach the door. In the wind, the half open door hits the frame dully. I take the oppurtunity of it opening to slid in.

Two shadows are seen in the kitchen. Their voices a low murmur. Heart beating painfully in my chest, I saunter forward.

Creak! The floor board beneath me emits a loud noise. I freeze and listen for the voices but they've fell silent. Wand at the ready, I wait in the darkness as the shadows move towards me.
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