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01) This is not a trophy community in which you try out for just to give yourself an ego boost. If you are accepted, you MUST be ACTIVE, and vote as much as possible.

02) Base your vote on both the application and looks, not just one.

03) The accepted members are allowed to be as harsh as they possibly want to be to the new applicants. Please don't allow ugly people to become accepted.

04) Discrimination against race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

05) Promoting other communties is alright. But excessive promoting is not permitted, try and keep it down to twice a month.

06) When posting pictures, use an LJ-cut, and put STAMPED (or something of that sort) on the subject line.

07) When posting themed pictures, make sure that the word THEME is on the subject line.

01) You MUST put Am I a Knockout? on the subject line if you are applying.

02) Bold the questions and use a dark font color to make it easier for us to read.

03) Please do not even try out if you are hideous. We do not need to be horrified by an ugly mug.

04) Use an LJ-cut.

05) No nudity whatsoever. Cleavage and sexiness is alright. But we do not need to go X rated in this hizz-ouse.

06) You CANNOT post or reply to any entries other than your own, unless you have been stamped by a Mod.

07) If you are rejected you can try out 1 week later with new pictures.

08) Being rude to the Mods and the accepted members will get you nowhere.

09) Please apply no later than 2 days after becoming a member of this community.

10) Before you apply, you MUST promote this community to an lj user or an lj community.

11) If you get no's, then that probably means that you're not so good-looking as you thought you were. But please, do NOT delete your application. Or else, you will be banned.

(must be filled out COMPLETELY with every application)

Sexual preference:
How did you find out about this community?
Who did you promote _knockouts community to?
Why do you think you're a KNOCKOUT (don't try to be modest)?:
Three favorite movies and why?:
Three favorite TV shows and why?:
Three favorite actors/actresses and why?:
Three favorite musical artists and why?:
Three favorite songs and why?:
Three favorite books and why?:
Who do you most admire?:
Favorite color and why:
Favorite clothing store:
Favorite article of clothing and why?:
Describe yourself in one word:
Biggest pet peeve:
Make up a quote!:
If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?:

Your aspects on:
Your future?-
Inter-Racial Relationships?-
Pre-marital sex?-
Your country's government?-
Capital Punishment?-
Same Sex Relationships?-
Eating disorders?-
Cosmetic Surgery?-

Fill in the blank:
I like it when you-
Not even the rain-
I love-
Are you ready to-
Sex &-
Did you see-
Whoa! What's in your-

Any final thoughts?

3 or more CLEAR pictures of yourself (In case you get accepted, please specify which picture you want on the member's page):

The current theme is: Strike A Pose --> more info here

Tell A Story theme winner is snack_on_this---

Pimpmasta' theme winner is nickierd125---here
Beach Bum theme winner is nickierd125---here
Dorkalicious theme winner is spodikatkodi---here
Pretty in Pink theme winner is drain_bamaged---here.

AIM: pureownlove
Email: surfgirlroxy88@yahoo.com

AIM: bangbangbandit
Email: calltheambulance@aol.com

THE KNOCKOUTS photo page

accepted/rejected/left/banned lists


The icons/member's page/theme winner's stamps/graphics/layout: 7thfloor
The stamps: __fuckingrad & 7thfloor
The picture on the accepted stamp is our very own, spodikatkodi


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